Rosemary Watermelon Marg

I LOVE a good margarita, but they're packed with empty calories and more sugar than one person should have in a day! No thanks! My rosemary watermelon marg is not only WAY healthier, but also made with fresh watermelon juice to add some goodness.

I've been making watermelon margaritas for years, but none as good as this one. The rosemary really makes it pop and the simple ingredients mean you can make it for your next girls night in under 5 minutes. No sweat.

Checkout the recipe below and head here to get my recipe for how to make fresh watermelon juice at home . Plus all the wonderful benefits of watermelon!

Secret Marg Ingredient!

This might sound weird, but if you're looking for another way to make your cocktails even healthier add in LSF Natural Beauty! It dissolves easily and are so good for your body. Makes it way easier to call it a "healthy" margarita!

I'm totally down with drinking if it means better skin, stronger hair and nails and getting some protein in!




  1. Add all ingredients along with ice in a cocktail shaker and shake to mix (about 10 seconds)
  2. Pour mixture over ice and top with watermelon cubes, lime and rosemary for garnish.

Per serving: Calories 145 Sugar 9.9

Add additional 35 calories + 9g protein for 1 scoop collagen peptides.