Guiltless Nutrition Recipe Book

You deserve to have something that will make all that hard work a little easier. That’s why I created the Guiltless Nutrition | Lifestyle + Recipe eBook! It’s got over 130 totally delish recipes, tips on how to clean out your cabinets, healthy swaps, grocery shopping guides, meal prepping made way easy, cooking 101, the best ways to hit up a girls night without getting too cray, and so much more! It’s pretty much the healthy living guide of your dreams.

NOTE: This is not a meal plan. You can find the LSF 4 Week Hot Body Meal Plan here.

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    Guiltless Guide & Recipe Book Includes:

    • 130+ delicious healthy recipes
    • Pantry clean out plan
    • Guide to eating out, learn how to navigate any menu
    • Grocery shopping list with my “Must Have” items
    • Easy to follow meal prep guide
    • Cooking 101 to teach you how to make the staples
    • Pre & Post Workout Snacks
    • REAL healthy easy swaps for your favorite "treat meals"
    • Learn how to deal with cravings
    • My do’s and don’ts of eating
    • Nutritional education to start your healthy lifestyle

Created by Katie Dunlop — Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, in collaboration w/ a Registered Dietitian.

What to Expect

Results Start Here

130+ Delicious Recipes

Endless variety of simple to make breakfast, lunch, dinner & deserts recipes

Grocery Shopping Guide

Learn how to shop for your new lifestyle, including a printable take a long list

REAL Healthy Swaps

Got a craving? Find the perfect clean swap to satisfy and stay on track

Learn How To Eat

Let's build your lifestyle together with all of Katie's essential must know tips

Complete the routine

You deserve to feel good during every part of your day. Here is what else we recommend for you.

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