5 Ingredients to Reduce Bloating

5 Ingredients to Reduce Bloating

Best 5 Ingredients to Reduce Bloating & Add Flavor!

When you first start working out and eating healthier you might notice you drop a few pounds fast! Hate to break it to you, but most of that initial weight is excess water weight.

Salt is the first thing we grab when we’re cooking and looking to bring the flavor up a notch. When you eat out or grab those terrible “healthy” packaged meals on the go you are getting WAY more sodium than your body knows what do to with! Too much sodium = terrible bloating (plus some other not so great health concerns)

The best thing to do to help reduce bloating, and get rid of that stuffed-sausage feeling, is drink a ton of water to flush it out. Sounds weird since you’re body is retaining water, but it is 100% necessary. read more…

3 Ways to Get Fit This Fall

3 Ways to Get Fit This Fall

Fall in Love with Your Body & Get Fit this Fall

In Cali, when it dips below 72 degrees we grab our sweaters and boots. Ridiculous yes, but we refuse to be left out of experiencing fall!

All I want to do is cook, cuddle and decorate! Eeek I LOVE this time of year! — minus the whole getting dark at 5pm…. I can’t get behind it.

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With shorter, cooler days, it’s hard not to want to skip workouts, get your boozing and baking on and dive into a black hole for the holidays. Throwing caution to the wind and figuring you’ll make it up in January. Not this year girlfriend.

I want you to be able to enjoy the holidays. Not just for the momentary satisfaction of those brownies, but like… REALLY enjoy them into the new year 100% stress (and guilt!) free. read more…





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