Pumpkin Spice Nice Cream

Pumpkin Spice Nice Cream

Taking it From Good to Great with a Little goodnessknows | Pumpkin Spice Nice Cream

Nice cream recipes have been popping up everywhere lately. It’s vegan ice cream you can make at home and full of fresh, healthy REAL ingredients.

I’ve been working on the perfect basic Pumpkin Spice Nice Cream recipe. Let me tell you… it hasn’t been easy. Taste testing is EXHAUSTING, but somebody has to do it 🙂

I volunteer as tribute!

It’s fall. Pumpkin EVERYTHING! Most desserts you’ll find are loaded with artificial colors, flavors and way too much sugar. I love creating healthier versions of my faves so I can indulge guilt-free.

Making treats at home means you can make sure they’re packed with nutrients and even more delicious!

My nice cream is loaded with healthy fats, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. You’ll feel a whole lot better about your holiday splurge if this is in your bowl.

pumpkin spice nice cream

This recipe is like a little bite of fall in your mouth! So good! read more…

Healthy Apple Crisp for Two

Healthy Apple Crisp for Two

My simple, no-fuss Apple Crisp for Two recipe. Perfect for a fall date night! 

I am NOT a baker.

I love cooking, but baking is not as forgiving.

It’s a precise science that I don’t have time to study.

Growing up my mom made healthy “breakfast cookies,” apple crisp and other treats often.  No recipes. No science. She just threw things together and made it work!

Most desserts would fail miserably with this laissez faire attitude, but she knew the texture she wanted and eyeballed the rest. read more…





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