How to Slim Down This Spring

Spring is here and we are about to kickstart our Spring Slim Down Challenge coming up April 8th!

I know nutrition can sometimes be the toughest thing when going on your health journey, I know it was for me. For years I tried so many different diets that never worked. They always left me still hungry, not feeling good, and definitely didn't help me to lose weight. 

So, I wanted to give you some nutrition tips with you so you are set up for success in this challenge!

Let's get into all the juicy deets!

Nutrition Tips

1. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You can always add in an LSF wellness boost to change up the flavor, get more benefits, and stay hydrated!

2. Incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals for added vitamins and minerals.

3. Choose lean proteins such as chicken, fish, and tofu to fuel your workouts. I recommend trying to get at least 100g of protein daily or 20g per meal. Adding a scoop of LSF plant protein into a smoothie is an easy way to help hit this goal every day too!

4. Limit processed foods and opt for whole, nutrient-dense options instead.

5. Don't forget to treat yourself occasionally - balance is key to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. And not all treats are bad, I have a lot of healthy treats that curb my cravings on my blog;)

SSD Nutrition Schedule 

I planned out the SSD Nutrition Schedule to make sure you are always feeling full, fueled, and enjoying your meals.

Prior to day 1 of SSD

First up we have our 2 Day Detox that I suggest you do the weekend before the challenge! P.S. you will receive this for FREE just for signing up for my Spring Slim Down Challenge. 

Week 1

In week one of SSD you will be following the 7 Day Slim DownThis plan will detox your body, help you ditch the bloat, and reset what healthy eating looks like so you will be set up for success right from the start of the challenge! 

Week 2-5

For weeks 2-5 you will be following the Hot Body Meal Plan which is my 4 week meal plan created for healthy weight loss! This is the key to losing weight and feeling your best!

Week 6

Last week of SSD, Woohoo!!! You will be following the 7 Day Slim Down again to finish out this challenge strong. 

I cannot wait to start my Spring Slim Down Challenge with you on Monday April 8th! 

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