katie's transformation plan
60 Day Transformation Bundle
60 Day Transformation Bundle
60 Day Transformation Bundle
60 Day Transformation Bundle
60 Day Transformation Bundle
60 Day Transformation Bundle
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60 Day Transformation Bundle

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Katie's 60 day delicious and healthy meal plan designed to cleanse your body with the 7 Day Slim Down, reboot from the inside out with the 14 Day Shape Up Meal Plan, and shed extra pounds with the Hot Body Meal Plan!

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Created by Katie Dunlop — Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, in collaboration w/ a Registered Dietitian.

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I love using all of these meal plans because they help me transform from the inside out and helped me lose 45 pounds.Courtney
This program was the perfect program to get me back on track and back to pre-baby weight after my son was born!. 
This bundle is a game changer!! So many great ideas and recipes that are easy to follow!Jessica
The recipes that I tried as written were really good! Some, I added/substituted stuff and were good too.Lucy

Product Details

Results Start Here

7 Day Slim Down

Detox and de-bloat your body to jumpstart weight loss

14 Day Shape Up

2 weeks of fat burning meals to get long lasting results

4 Week Meal Plan

The ultimate weight loss meal plan that helped Katie lose 45 lbs and keep it off

Our Most Powerful Combo

Take 60 days to create a transformation you have to see to believe


  • What is The 60 Day Transformation Bundle, and how does it work?

    The bundle combines our most powerful meal plans and healthy detoxes into one pack. Start with the 7 Day Slim Down for a full body reset and detox. Follow it with the 14 Day Shape Up, designed to burn fat and kickstart your weight loss journey. Then begin the 4 Week Meal Plan, our core plan for achieving your weight loss goals.

  • How can I read these E-books?

    All eBooks come in Adobe PDF format and can be viewed on any digital device; phone, tablet, computer, etc.

  • When should I see results?

    Results will vary depending on where you are starting. While each person is different and no results will be the same, women who closely follow the plans can expect to lose between 1-3 lbs per week.

  • Does this E-book include workout routines?

    All LSF workouts can be found inside the MOVE app and we suggest pairing the eBooks with MOVE for the best results. Our nutrition eBooks themselves do not include a workout plan.

  • Are there food substitution suggestions?

    Yes! The LSF plans were designed to be flexible and fit your lifestyle. Swap suggestions are available throughout the plans.


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