3 Sculpting Abs Exercises


sculpting abs exercises

These are my 3 FAVORITE sculpt abs exercises I love to mix in my routine weekly. Of course, to see a difference and transformation having a plan for your workouts is key! The LSF App plans out your workouts for you each week so you can make a full body change, download it and start your free trial now!

Don't forget about the kitchen...

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Now let's get ready for a killer workout! Do each move for 45 seconds and complete as many rounds as possible. Get it girl!

Double Leg Lift

The double leg lift is my favorite exercise to sculpt my lower abs! Think bye bye belly pooch!

workout for a flat stomach
x20 reps


I am obsessed! This exercise targets your entire abdominal wall , like every inch from top to bottom to sculpt your abs! Think 6 pack!

x50 reps

Modified Oblique Jackknife

Hello hourglass shape! This exercise is all about your obliques. Trimming and sculpting your waistline and midsection.

x20 each side

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