Full Boost Bundle
Full Boost Bundle
Full Boost Bundle
Full Boost Bundle
Full Boost Bundle
Full Boost Bundle

Full Boost Bundle

All the girls, finally together and ready to make you feel good every day! Includes mood-boosting Miss Congeniality, immunity-boosting Wing Woman, energy-boosting Pep Rally, and sleep-boosting Slumber Party.

They're gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, non GMO, and vegan!

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  • Product Details

    Your daily ritual is about to get a boost! Our Full Boost Bundle includes all four of our top-rate LSF wellness boosts, each made to make you feel your absolute best. Each is GMO-free, sugar-free, vegan, and 100% naturally flavored with Monkfruit and Stevia.

Don’t love this? 45 days to get a full refund with our Feel Good Promise

The Benefits

All in one bundle

Miss Congeniality

balances mood and improves focus throughout the day

Wing Woman

repairs body tissue and immune function to keep you health

Pep Rally

increases energy naturally and boosts metabolism - jitters not included

Slumber Party

helps you wind down, fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality without the a.m. groginess


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