Secrets To My Healthy Daily Routine

My daily routines are life! I truly believe these habits are WHY I'm able to feel energized even with hypothyroidism, not feel stressed af even though I have 50 plates spinning, and accomplish the mega-goals I have in life and business. In my own journey I've realized the INSANELY important role nutrition plays in how I feel throughout the day my ability to get sh*t done and I know if you add these habits to your daily routine you're going to see some serious change too!

The whole reason we developed our LSF nutrition line was because I was looking for products like these — clean, nutritious ingredients to help me feel my best — and I just couldn't find them! Now that our protein powder and boosts are on the table, I feel like my routine is so much easier and so dialed in. It's awesome!

And I want you to feel the same way about your own healthy routine. But I know the hardest part of getting any routine set is just starting it. So I wanted to share day to help give you some ideas to build your own perfect healthy routine.

Here's a look at my average day:

First thing in the morning

First things first, I wake up and have celery juice on an empty stomach. This gives my body a quick hit of nutrients and gets my digestive system working to set me up for a healthy day.

Next up, I make a big cup of coffee with Miss Congeniality and a little unsweetened almond milk and sit for at least 10 minutes just thinking about the good things in my life.

I love starting the day with this boost because she helps to banish any fatigue and bump up my mood for a great day ahead. Plus, she fights stress — so if I'm heading into a day with a lot going on, I feel more balanced about it. And, I mean, she tastes like creamy vanilla, so she's the perfect addition to my morning cup without adding sugar or any other nasties into my day.

Smoothie for breakfast

I love doing a smoothie for my first meal of the day because it's quick, easy, filling, and easy for my body to digest. You can really do your smoothie with whatever you want.. Seriously, this is such a great way to fight food waste! Have some lettuce wilting in your fridge, or a zucchini that's about to turn? Toss it in the blender!

I also have so many amazing recipes in my nutrition plans for you, but one of my favorite smoothie combos lately has been almond milk, spinach (doesn't matter if it's a little wilted!), banana, peanut butter, and LSF plant protein in vanilla.

That last bit is really the key. A smoothie's a great way to start the day, but adding protein to it makes it so much more useful. For starters, it gives my body fuel to move through my daily routine. Beyond that, the protein helps you stay fuller longer so you're not famished by your 10 am meeting. And our protein powder gives you a whopping 20 grams of complete, plant-based protein in a single serving with 0 grams of sugar so you can really gear up for your day.


Do you ever get that midday craving for something? Like, you're not even hungry, you're just bored? It kinda consumes you and gets you off track.

I def do, so I've been mixing a little Wing Woman into some water for a little pick me up. It takes the water my body needs (and I know I should be drinking) and turns it into a fun treat that tastes like berries and pomegranate!Part of building a daily routine is listening to your body and knowing what it REALLY needs.

Wing Woman gives me a little pick-me-up, plus a huge immunity boost. She's got tons of vitamin C and D, loads of antioxidants, and a whole bunch of other health-boosting ingredients. So I feel like I had a little treat and I treated my body right at the same time!


Recovery is my number one focus post workout so I always get in my protein and some foam rolling while my body is still warm and make this a priority in my daily routine.

Stop just going through the motions. Slow down and take care of that beautiful body!

Having protein right after your sweat sesh helps your muscles recover and grow, which means you'll feel better after your workout and see better results. Pretty sweet, right?

And girls, I gotta tell you, the Chocolate LSF protein tastes so good that it makes it a cinch to get 20 grams of the good stuff in right after your workout. I mix it in a little water or nut milk and get this delicious beverage to help my body bounce back after I exercise — so I can be ready to hit it tomorrow and keep working toward my #goals!

30 minutes before bed

I've already talked a lot about my night time routine. There's a ton to be said for dialing in this part of the day so you get good rest. Sleep helps you feel energized (obv), but it also helps your muscles recover, makes it easier for your body to fight illness, and does a ton of other important stuff for you. So it's really worth putting in some effort to make sure that by the time your head hits the pillow, you're ready to doze off.

And I've found that our new Slumber Party boost helps with this soooo much. It has a ton of sleep-supporting ingredients, like chamomile, melatonin, and valerian root. Plus, it helps to fight inflammation and boost muscle recovery while you sleep so you wake up feeling awesome! We've made it delicious with natural creamy vanilla and natural cocoa, but I like to mix in a little cinnamon now and then to really make my bedtime routine feel like a treat.

My healthy routine isn't too complicated. It's all about sticking with the things that make me feel good. And I hope trying some of this out will help you feel your best, too!

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