Bloating Is Real (Uncomfortable)

Do you ever wake up just feeling so freaking bloated?

I always notice it even more this time of year, for the obvious reasons...Recently though, I have created some easy ways to help myself debloat fast so it doesn't disrupt my day (or mood).

First, I think it's important that you know bloating is normal.

Buuuut, just because it's normal, doesn't mean we have to be ok with it.

It can be insanely uncomfortable and even a sign of a food intolerance or IBS like me.

Get Rid of Belly Bloat Fast, 5 easy ways to de-bloat

Why We Bloat

Bloating can also just be a result of eating out more (lots of salt!), consuming more carbs (breads, pies, pastas, cookies), or drinking more alcohol (wine not?).

Yes. Yes. & Yes. for me.

Carbohydrates are crucial, they give us energy, but this time of year I definitely eat WAY more than normal and lots of foods that aren't in my normal diet.

Carbs are stored in your body as glycogen and glycogen LOVES to hoard water.

Retaining excess water = bloated belly.


Get Rid of Belly Bloat Fast, 5 easy ways to de-bloat

What I do every day to de-bloat

I increase water intake.

I know it sounds funny to drink more water if you're retaining water, but it's the best way to flush out excess water. I aim for 1 gallon per day this time of year. To make this easier, I mix in one scoop of my Wing Woman Immunity Boost. The berry pom flavor is delicious + all the benefits.

I drink celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

This always helps me so much. Celery juice is loaded with nutrients and drinking it on an empty stomach helps your body get all the goodness faster. It's also super hydrating and personally, I have noticed it helps get things moving… which can reduce bloat as well.

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I make myself the Berry Apple Cider every day

Sometime in the morning, sometimes as an afternoon drink, but either way it works. This recipe is in your Holiday Survival Guide & Recipe Book btw….

Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion which can reduce bloating. ACV alone is the equivalent of your aunt's green bean casserole (nope.) Vitamins C & D both found in Wing Woman, also play roles in supporting healthy digestion. Mix them together and it's really a match made in heaven, especially when enjoyed every day.

Xo Katie

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