10 Best Exercises For A Flat Stomach


workout for a flat stomach

Time to get your sweat on with this workout for a flat stomach! These are the 10 best moves to tighten up that core and ditch that pooch. Do these moves a few times through for your workout or add them on to this thigh workout for a full body scorcher! Getting in enough physical exercise for your entire body is where you will see a difference and transformation, but consistency is key and having a good plan is crucial. The LSF App plans out your workouts for you each week so you can make a full body change, download it and start your free trial now!

Don't forget about the kitchen...

Additionally, if a toned tummy is what you're after, getting in a workout for a flat stomach isn't all you need. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "abs are made in the kitchen", and it is so true girl, because nutrition is so important! I know sometimes it can be difficult to keep your healthy nutrition on track, so that's why I created the Hot Body Meal Plan! 4 weeks of a healthy, step-by-step meal plan and recipes to teach you how to make healthy nutrition choices and feel amazing. I also have so many other nutrition guides that will fit any lifestyle!

Now let's get ready for a killer workout! Do each move for 45 seconds and complete as many rounds as possible. Get it girl!

Forearm Plank

workout for a flat stomach

Double Leg Lift

workout for a flat stomach

Hip Dips

workout for a flat stomach



Oblique Jackknife

Mermaid Crunch

Plank to Squat

Russian Twists


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