de-bloat & heal your gut
Feel Good Gut Guide
Feel Good Gut Guide
Feel Good Gut Guide
Feel Good Gut Guide
Feel Good Gut Guide
Feel Good Gut Guide
Feel Good Gut Guide
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Feel Good Gut Guide

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Feel BLOATED often? After meals, in the morning, all the time...? Take back control of your nutrition and start to feel good again with the Feel Good Gut Guide!

Designed to help you de-bloat, detoxify and heal your gut. Includes a brand new 14 day clean eating meal plan, 24+ recipes, grocery shopping lists and more!

This is an eBook digital download. You will not receive a physical copy.

Disclaimer: please read before purchasing.

  • heal your gut
  • de-bloat
  • detox
  • 14 day meal plan included
  • 24+ new recipes

Created by Katie Dunlop — Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, in collaboration w/ a Registered Dietitian.

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Have totally been seeing and feeling the difference! Bloat free me! It is possible!eunice
I’ve been absolutely loving the recipes in the gut guide! For months now I’ve been having so many issues with my stomach. I’m constantly bloated- I really didn’t even notice how badly until i started taking progress photosHolly
My body has more power during workouts, and my joints don’t hurt as much. And as of this morning, I am 6 pounds lighter. My hips used to hurt when I would go from sitting for an extended period of time to standing. I no longer have that pain. I’m beyond thankful to you for creating this nutrition guide!Selena
I was just talking to my coworker this morning and was telling her how less bloated I feel, down half a pound and have so much more energy. I am only on day 6 as I started 2 days late but I am loving the this plan.Shannon

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14 Day Meal Plan

Clean eating to banish bloat + heal your gut

24 new gut-friendly recipes

Delicious belly friendly meals

Learn why you are bloated

Gut health assessment worksheets + bloating 101 guide

All your de-bloating needs

Grocery shopping list, easy swaps + food trackers


Complete the routine