March Community Spotlights


Women's History Month is almost over so we wanted to showcase a few of our amazing and strong LSF community babes who inspire us each and every day.

Over the past month we shared so many incredible women's stories to celebrate, but we couldn't wrap up the month without these four.

Introducing Elizabeth Champion! She joined the Teamlsf community a year ago and it has made a huge impact on her life! She is confident and resilient! She loves herself more than ever because of all YOU amazing women in the LSF community!

Introducing Janice! She is proud to be a woman and she is compassionate so women like YOU can feel proud of who they are!!

Introducing Nicole! She is proud to be a woman because she gets to experience motherhood. She is so strong and she is setting a great example for her kids!!

Meet Natasha! Teamlsf has been supporting and encouraging her since she joined in 2018 and she is stronger because of the LSF community. She is setting an amazing role model for her kids by prioritizing her fitness and health journey!

More on their stories in IG Reels on @Teamlsf!

We want to encourage you to continue to be in tune with how you feel and always appreciate being the strong incredible women YOU ARE! 

Write down one positive word to describe yourself and put it somewhere you will see everyday so you never forget it!

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