Healthy Valentine's Day Treats


Healthy Valentine's Day Treats

Valentine's Day is the sugar bomb of holidays.

Sure, Easter has a little chocolate involved, but at least the easter eggs have a little protein. Christmas is the season of rich foods, for sure, but you're getting some healthy fats in there, right? Valentine's Day is all about sugar: colorful, processed, addictive SUGAR!

But we're sugar detoxing! We don't want to be caught up in the never-ending sugar hit / mood swing / sugar hit / mood swing cycle! As if we need anymore of THAT drama on a holiday dedicated to romance and dating.

There are lots of ways to treat yo'self without going to town on chocolate bars and cupcakes. So I wanted to make sure you had some fun, healthy Valentine's Day treat ideas!


So typically, I like to steer clear of using food as a reward or my main celebration! There are so many other amazing ways to be excited and mark a special occasion. However, I know that's not *always* realistic, because food is part of how we celebrate culturally! So, find a recipe you love that is also healthy for your bod.

Coco PB Dream Cookies

Keto Pumpkin cake – Swap in apple sauce or fruit puree of choice!

Maple Latte Protein Bites*

Vegan Chocolate Pudding*

Yogurt Bark – Try it with Lily's Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Chips for a DELICIOUS twist!

During the sugar detox, use monkfruit instead of maple syrup! Sub in at a 1:1 ratio!


Taking time for YOU is the best way to celebrate! Because if you aren't healthy, you won't be able to be in a healthy relationship with ANYONE. So celebrate this V-day, no sugar required, by loving on you.

Dreamy Recovery Bath– Get a lil' bougie and add your pick of essential oils, bath bombs, and fresh flowers for a pretty, IG friendly, self-care moment.

Dance party– Download the latest playlist and get that blood pumpin'! Such a fun way to celebrate YOU!

Girls night– Ditch the champs for the sugar detox, but get your babes together, make it cute, and get those Galentines vibes going!

Movie night – I love Netflix, but treat yourself to an on-demand movie rental that you actually have to pay $$ for?Rent a movie you can't wait to see and make a night of it.

Gift yourself

A little shopping always feels like a celebration to me! It helps you get excited about the things you have, and appreciate them more. Here's my current list of fun little purchases to spark joy (@ Marie Kondo ?).

Booty bands– The PERFECT little treat that supports your fitness goals. I give these to everyone I know!

A new LSF Plan– If you haven't tried the Hot Body Sweat Guideor Meal Plan, it's time! There is no better way to treat yourself than the accountability and simplicity of a plan you will actually follow. Health is the best way to self-love!

A cute AF new phone case– I am OBSESSED with phone cases. So fun and cheeky!! Such a fun way to add personality to your life.

Better than Sex Mascara– My FAVE mascara and it has an appropriately flirty name? It really is so good. Splurge on one makeup item that really is all about YOU!

Vital protein shots– You know I love shots. Collagen shots, that is!

Get your daily collagen dose in this all new form! Vital just introduced these new little shots. They taste delicious, are super easy to grab and go, and they make a huge difference to your hair and skin. Get your protein and your glow on at the same exact time! Splurge on something that makes you look and feel your best. And get pink because V-day, duh!

How are YOU celebrating Valentine's Day in a healthy way? Comment below with any other ideas you have! I want 'em all.

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