The Prettiest Pre-Workout Fuel Ever


You’ve totally double tapped those bad boys, and I hate to break your heart but oh my gawd. They might be pretty but usually, they’re freakin’ packed with sugar. Like sugar on sugar on sugar. Uh, NOPE. ?Instead of drooling and crying over something we shouldn’t have… over here at LSF HQ we came up with something that’s seriously just as pretty, as delicious, and bonus: it’s freakin’ GOOD for you! ?

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How It’ll Fuel Your Workout

 Two words: Greek. Yogurt. This is where you’ll get the protein aka the power to crush your workout!

The reason this pretty pre-workout bowl is so effective (and delicious) lies in the protein-packed Greek Yogurt. Add the berries and pitaya — both of which are lower in sugar than most fruits, not to mention delicious — and you’re setting yourself up for success. Sure, banana is higher in sugar/carbs, but that’s exactly what you need to provide some fast energy so you can power through an amazing sweat sesh! This will fuel you through Spring Slimdown or your HBSG! Or both! ?

Tell us… Show us!

We wanna know when you make this amazing, beautiful, delish power smoothie bowl! Share what you top it with, a gorg pic ?, and what workout it fueled you through! Be sure to tag us on Insta so we can drool along with ya.

Now…get after it, girl!

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Quick tips:


  • Don’t add too much liquid! You wanna be able to gobble it up with a spoon (think the acai bowls), not drink it. You want it to be thiikkk just like your booty ??
  • While you could use fresh fruit in a pinch, we’ve tried it all and frozen just works that much better. Helps it get the texture we’re after.
  • The stronger the blender, the better. With all that frozen goodness, you need a high power blender to make the desired texture.



Core components:

  • 1 C Greek Yogurt
  • 1 packet of frozen pitaya (here’s a good option – you can locate a store that carries it near you or buy online!)
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • Half of a banana
  • 1-2 cups of almond milk


  1. Put greek yogurt, pitaya, strawberries, and banana in a high-power blender. Add 1 cup of almond milk and blend. Add more almond milk gradually if needed. It can be helpful to stop the blender and stir the mixture periodically! Resume blending ’til you’ve reached the perfect consistency. Pour into a large bowl.