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Low Calorie Cocktails. Low Calorie Cocktails. These may be the best low calorie cocktails I've ever made!

If you follow me on SnapChat {LoveSweatAndFit} you know I LOVE Kombucha. Like drink it every day love. It's a bubbly probiotic drink that has been around forever and can even help cure tons of different ailments.Hangovers {cough cough} Seriously though, it will save you the morning after an epic Christmas Party!

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One night I was sipping on my fav, Gingerade, and it just hit me like a champs cork in the face. Duh! Where had this been all my life?! I've always loved Moscow Mules, but they are loaded with sugar and I just can't.

I'm always on the hunt for new cocktails that will let me sip and cheers without a total derail.I usually go for Vodka Soda or a glass of bubbles, but sometimes I want something a little more exciting. I know you girls get it.You all put in way to much work every day beinghealthy and fit to let a few drinks mess up your waistlines.

I've gotten so many of my girlfriends hooked on this drink and it's my signature cocktail for our holiday party!Can't wait to share those photos with you next week!Perfect for a girls night: Love Actually, Skinny Cranberry Mules & Skinny Pop! Yes Please!

I actually got together with few of my health & fitness blogger girlfriends so we could share even more low calorie holiday cocktail goodness♥ You have to try theirs too! AMAZING!

I just know you girls are going to LOVE all of these cocktails! Don't forget, you can make many of them "virgin" by simply leaving out the alcohol. You've gotta let me know which ones you try and which is your absolute FAV!

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Spiced & Spiked Pumpkin Punch

pumpkin-fireball-cocktail Low Calorie Cocktail

This healthy holiday cocktail is full of antioxidant-packed pumpkin and metabolism-boosting cinnamon, and with only 90 calories a glass and 1 gram of sugar it totally falls on Santa's "nice" list. Made with spiced whiskey or rum, it's a "skinny" drink that even your manly beau will love.

Strawberry Shortcake Jello Shots


Typically holiday cocktails use creamy, high fat or sugar mixers, but these little guys use only low sugar, fat-free gelatin and water as the "mixer", keeping the calories and fat WAY down! Served in a strawberry or not, these will make a #freshfitnhealthy table top addition to any holiday party. Get this yummy recipe HERE

The Naughty Reindeer

Low Calorie Cocktail

This skinny cocktail from my friends Liz & Sara over at is a deliciously sweet yet subtle fizzy drink with hints of warm blood orange and cinnamon spice.Plus,how adorable do these look?It's best to serve your Naughty Reindeers in tall champagne flutes, similar to the long slenderfaces of Santa's four-legged crew, but you can really use any glass you have on hand for these fun fizzy drinks.

The Brentwood Russian

Be Well By Kelly - White Russian Recipe Low Calorie Cocktail

An after dinner cocktail doesn't need to full of sugar and empty calories. The Brentwood Russian is a new twist on an old cocktail. Created by a loving group of friends on a cold night, this low sugar alternative won't disappoint. Looking for even less sugar and the same flavor swap the Kahlua for cold pressed coffee. If you swap for cold brew this sugar free cocktail will only run you 80 calories

Holiday Drinking 101:

♥ Stick to clear alcohols like tequila and vodka

♥ Avoid sugary mixers like regular cranberry juice, soda or creams.

♥ Drink 1 full glass of water in between each drink to help pace yourself and stay hydrated

My Cranberry Mule

Skinny Cranberry Mules Low Calorie Cocktail holiday christmas healthy holiday cocktails

Put a little holiday cheer in your glass with this skinny take on a Moscow Mule. The LSF version uses Gingerade Kombucha, making it only 120 calories & less than 2g of sugar per cocktail. Yes Please! Serve this delicious drink over ice is a copper mug or glass and enjoy!


  • 4oz GT's Gingerade Kombucha
  • 2oz GT's Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha
  • 1.5oz Vodka (Tito's is my fav b/c it's Gluten Free!)
  • 1/2 Fresh Lime Juice

Skinny Cranberry Mule:120 Calories1.5g SugarRegular Moscow Mule:120 Calories 13-21g Sugar (varies depending on Ginger Beer used)