Probiotic Coconut Yogurt Recipe

Having autoimmune hypothyroidism means my body needs all the help it can get and there are 4 things that have actually made a difference for my body: Medication, healthy eating, consistent exercise and probiotics.

They do everything! I take Culturelle Women’s Healthy Balance because it keeps my healthy by supporting immune function, reduces inflammation, promoting digestion, maintains beautiful skin and supports healthy lady parts. Yep! I have all the tricks. One of my faves is this coconut yogurt recipe!

My favorite probiotics! Culturelle Women's Healthy Balance

Sooooo many benefits!

Probiotics can make a huge difference in your health. 70-80% of your immune system lives in your gut —  so if your gut is out of whack, you’ll def be feeling it on the daily. Anything from migraines to arthritis to eczema to depression and loads more diseases have been linked to poor gut health!

Probiotics up the good bacteria in your gut to balance your system. A balanced system leads to better health, allowing you to be the best you and even including a slimmer waistline. Slimmer waistline anyone? Yassss!

So do yourself a favor and get your probiotics on point. And if you’re looking for more ways to get them into your daily routine, I’ve got you covered with a probiotic-packed, delicious coconut yogurt recipe….

DIY Probiotic Coco Yo

I’m in love with that Coco(nut). Coconut yogurt, specifically.

Make your own plant-based parfait to help

Now, you might be wondering why coconut yogurt instead of normal yogurt. I am 100% down with Greek yogurt normally. If you have the HBMP, you’ll know I love to incorporate it in recipes and as a healthy swap. So not throwing shade at regular yogurt here, just offering another healthy alternative! And showing some love to my dairy-sensitive and vegan babes!

Major nutrition

Coconut yogurt is a good source of healthy fats to keep your metabolism going strong. You have to have some fats in your system if you’re going to lose weight! So it’s crucial.

And while coconut milk has less vitamins in minerals in it, the probiotics you’ll be getting from this yogurt recipe will actually help to produce micronutrients in your body! Vitamins B and K are both byproducts of the good bacteria in your body, so you can help them out with some probiotic rich food…like coconut yogurt! Whoaaaa.

Make this delicious coconut yogurt at home, healthy recipes to lose weight


Sure, some will complain that it’s lacking the same protein that is found in Greek yogurt and that’s 100% true. But if you’re following the Hot Body Meal Plan, you’re already way covered on the protein front. So no worries! Change it up with a delish coconut yogurt made right in your own kitchen!


(Important) side note: I try as much as possible to make things in my own kitchen. That’s the only way you can be absolutely sure of what is in there. Everything from salad dressings and sauces to yogurts and legit everything in between is covered in the meal plan and I go even further in the Guiltless Nutrition Guide. This way you can avoid sneaky ingredients or high sugar contents or just crappy fillers that a ton of products on the market are filled with. I promise it’s super doable and I guide you through it all in the guides!


  • 1 can full fat coconut milk, chilled
  • 2 capsules of Culturelle Women’s Healthy Balance
  • Cheesecloth


  1. Take your can of chilled coconut milk (ideally chilled overnight!) and scoop out the thick layer on top! Use a whisk or a fork to stir the coconut milk into a smooth consistency. Break open two capsules of Culturelle Women’s Healthy Balance into the bowl and stir to combine. Add ½ tsp vanilla extract, if using. Stir.
  2. Cover your bowl with cheesecloth and let the bowl sit out on the counter (points for sunlight) for two days. The cheesecloth will keep out sketchy bacteria.
  3. After two days, stir up your yogurt and store in the fridge! Top with berries, a little honey, granola – whatever you want.
  4. After two days, stir up your yogurt and store in the fridge! Top with berries, a little honey, granola – whatever you want.