The LSF Motivation Challenge


Motivation challenge. **An ALL NEW type of Challenge**

The LSF Motivation Challenge! …whaaaat? We love a challenge over here, and we thought…what if we challenged ourselves to motivate our LSF babes every single day for a week? Change of pace, right?

So every morning you're going to get an email from Katie FIRST THING in the AM (make sure you're signed up for emails!!!), with encouragement and motivation just for you. The way you start your day will have a huge impact on your progress…so we're challenging you to wake up to good vibes. Almost toooooo easy, right?!
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  • Get your daily encouragement!
  • Get out there and get after those goals. Share the love with your friends

The heart behind it

June happens to be the time when our social calendars are full to the maxxxxx and so we end up making sacrifices… sometimes that ends up being our fitness goals. Whether that's by skipping a workout to meet up for drinks (or because we met up for drinks, we skip our morning sweat sesh) or we lose track of what we're eating at a squad BBQ.

Honestly, you can't blame a busy schedule or a ridic spread for that.Nope. Those are just excuses. What it comes down to is motivation…and whether you've got it or not.

Let me say that again:

The difference between doing nothing and doing something is motivation. It's just that simple.

Research suggests that people can be motivated by a lot of different things. But there are a few key things that work for the majority of people. So look at the list and try to figure out what gets you the most motivated! We're gonna try to hit 'em all babe.

  • Encouragement from friends/family
  • Seeing your hard work pay off (whether that means getting more reps or fitting into that pair of jeans)
  • Hitting your short term goals
  • Knowing you'll be proud of yourself
  • You love proving people wrong
  • Getting healthy so you can live life more fully

So whatever motivating factors resonate most with you, we can tell ya this: Katie's emails are way motivating + will help you get pumped to get your sweat on and slay the day.

But you've gotta sign up! This is exclusive content for our LSF babes! It won't be found anywhere else! So be sure to drop your email below so you don't miss out!

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