Motivation Challenge Day 3 – Make Yourself the Priority

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Repeat after me: You are not selfish for putting yourself first. It’s time to make yourself the priority!

Life is busy. Whether that’s college, your career, your millions of weddings to attend, your kids… not to mention trying to fit in eating right, have a freakin’ social life, or exercise. Whatever your life looks like, you are busy!

Time can be a convenient excuse. I can make workouts short and sweet ( and sweaty !) but you still have to make the time to do them!

Time’s UP!

No more saying, “I don’t have time for that”! Life is never going to be un-busy. You have to make time. Especially for yourself. As women, we are often so busy giving away ourselves (our time, our care, our attention) that we leave nothing for ourselves. No more! It’s time to make yourself the priority.

It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. If we women want to serve others, we must fill up our own cup first. Or there’ll be nothing left to give.

Work, work, work, work, work…

Changing habits — physically and mentally — takes work. Like, a lot of it. But it’s soooooo worth it, I can’t even rn. The best way to help change your attitude, not to mention your body? Exercise. And not just because I’m a trainer, blah blah. Like it’s a real thing.

Exercise empowers you mentally and physically Choosing healthy foods over junk is hard, but when you do it, you’ll feel stronger than you thought you were.  This then leads to increased self-esteem. Which is what we’re after, amirite?

Today’s Challenge

Write down behaviors you’d like to work on. Think of what you’re unhappy with and write down behaviors that will help you change those parts that make you unhappy. For instance, “I’m going to work on gaining confidence and loving myself” is a great place to start! Now, what behaviors will you work on improving (or removing from your life!) in order to help get you there!? WRITE IT DOWN! And, as always, make sure that these behaviors align with your core beliefs.

Take Me to Day 4

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Definetely, Confidence for me, that truly I am capable of anything I want to do.
That’s that.


Thank You Katie!!!
Thank You for breaking that down into bite size chunks and empowering women the world over towards a positive shift in ourselves. xx


I agree, i love that its bit by bit each day


This is very uplifting.


Im going to stop eating bad things to be socially accepted.