Motivation Challenge Day 5 – Inspiration

Be a ✨ LIGHT ✨

Be kind and an inspiration. Everyone you meet is fighting a secret battle. 

Little known fact: encouraging others is empowering! It makes you feel good about yourself and helps you realize you are worthy of love and admiration too!

Those negative thoughts we talked about earlier in the week are only as powerful as you let them be. You need to know you are worth so much more! Don’t let past insecurities hold you back from living a life full of self love and love for others!

When you crush a workout, celebrate yourself! If you notice you’re hair is looking on point, give yourself some credit! And the moment you see something beautiful in someone else — tell them! Whether it’s their contagious laugh, their smile that lights up the room, or even something as simple as their shirt/haircut/nail polish. Don’t keep it to yourself! Wouldn’t you want to hear it? In that moment you have the chance to create change and be an inspiration to someone else and that’s a beautiful thing!

I know you’ve been there — your bae/bff/mom tells you “oh so and so was just telling me so many lovely things about you” and you’re all like wuhh? They never say it to me! Like, why do we feel awkward saying what we love about someone to their face? It makes us feel all bubbly and warm inside, so why not do the same for someone else? Trust. It’ll make you feel warm and tingly just to see their face light up in delight. Promise!

Today’s Challenge:

While we’re speaking kind truths to others, let’s speak them to ourselves! That means you’ve gotta speak your affirmations aloud. Repeat them to yourself and use them in sentences as if they were happening now. That means: “I AM” instead of “I will be”. If it’s a physical change you’re looking to make, touch your body part that makes you feel that way when you say your affirmation.

There is POWER in claiming the affirmations as yours and already true.

Speak what you wish to see into existence.

Make sure you share your affirmations on IG. Tell the other TeamLSF girls how worthy they are, too! Speak to them and say, “You ARE”… worthy, beautiful, strong, kind… whatever your own affirmation is, speak it to them. So many of us need to be reminded that we are worth it and worthy on the daily!

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THANK YOU Katie!!! I certainly believe I ‘found’ your videos and #TeamLSF at the right time; the Greater Being was certainly answering my unspoken prayers when I clicked on the right link on YouTube. You have certainly helped me to see beyond the circumstances I’m currently adjusting to right now. It’s noticed too…over the last two weeks my Hubby has commented on my positive/energised vibe; others who don’t see me each day are noticing as well. And that is largely in part to the beautiful Love Sweat Fitness community which you have built and made available to people everywhere. We… Read more »


I say round two. My life gets really hectic and having this relaxing, set, empowering thing to wake up to and to study really helps, ps day r really hit home with me


“I am worthy of having time for myself” to take a shower without kids in the washroom, to go for a walk while my husband take care of the kids. I am worthy to do all these things without feeling guilty. I am motivate to make my to do list happen today!
thanks Kate for your 5 days challenge.


Thank you Katie. I enjoyed all the motivation!
I’m a bit older than most of your LSF family, so I’ve lived with a lot of negativity throughout the years.
You’re very inspiring!
Thank you ♡