Motivation Challenge Day 2 – You’re Worth It

Baby, You’re Worth It!

You sure are, girl! You’re worth it and worthy of love. Self-love is where to start! No one’s perfect — and remember, we’re not chasing perfection. We’re working towards growth and progress.

Change the Narrative

Our negative self-talk has to stop.  We learned the bad habits, looking at our flaws with a magnifying glass and forgetting all of the ways we’re wonderful, beautiful, and incredible humans.

As women, all too often we tear ourselves down (and honestly, other women too)… but that stops NOW! We are strong, beautiful, powerful. So change. the. narrative.  

You can unlearn the bad self-thoughts, the nasty self-talk. You didn’t always think this way about yourself, even if it seems like it.  And if you just can’t quite shake it. Fake it til ya make it. (You’ll see. If you act like you love yourself, eventually your thoughts will follow. Pinky promise.)

Food for Thought

Consider looking at a picture of you as a little girl. Isn’t she freakin’ perfect? Wouldn’t you want her to know how perfect she is? To love herself exactly as she is? Yes, yes, and yassss! So do that sweet girl a favor — she is you, after all — and give her the love and care that she (you) deserves!

Today’s challenge:

Journal it up. Make note of common themes or negative thoughts you have about yourself. For example, “I’m ugly”, “I’m not fun or funny”, “I’m not likeable”. They all fall under the category of “I’m not worthy”.  Whatever your particular negative thought pattern is, spend some time thinking about it, write it down.

There’s a power in writing it down. Trust in the process… you’ll see. And when you do, share with your girls on Pinterest! Friends don’t let friends miss out on this kind of self growth. xo

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Thank you for doing this!


Awesome Day 2!


Thanks for helping with this. When you mentioned thinking of external things people said to us growing up I had too many to mind and started babbling on about those hurtful words in a journal entry. To then writing what my recent self image has been and realizing how unfortunate it is I haven’t experienced a whole lot of self love lately. Excited to see where this challenge takes me and looking forward to appreciating myself again!