Motivation Challenge Day 4 – Push Through the Pain

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Things always tend to get the hardest and messiest right before they turn into the ost crazy beautiful moments. It makes it hard to stick with it and push through, but Do. Not. Give. Up. Do. Not. Give. In. Your mind doesn’t want you to change. That’s uncomfortable. And honestly, negative self-talk loves itself. And it doesn’t want you to love yourself. But you’re so freakin’ close, girlfriend. Just push through the pain. You got this!

I Would Very Much Like to Be Excluded From This Narrative

Exclude yourself from the negative narrative you’ve been telling yourself for lord knows how long now. You are stronger than that voice and those lies you’ve been telling yourself. You may tell yourself that you’ve tried already, and you failed. That you just can’t. That it’s too hard. Lies, lies, lies!

Making change is hard.

Whether it’s working out, or changing your eating, or god forbid thinking patterns. It’s freakin’ hard work. But remember: you are worth it, love!

Remember! Learn the diff between your circumstances and who you truly are as a person. A few years ago, I was 45 lbs. overweight. But that didn’t define me as a person. Even if it took me a loooooong time to realize that. I’m hoping YOU will have a faster learning curve with a little of my wisdom.

Today’s Challenge:

Learn how to make appropriate positive affirmations. It’s super hard to go from “I’m not pretty”, “I’m fat”, “I’m not likeable” to “Look at me. I’m Qween Bey ! I’m gonna drop all the lbs. And I’ve got Bey’s confidence” That’s the type of mentality that just doesn’t stick. Too far of a leap from where you started.

Instead, write down affirmations that are attainable and appropriate for where you are in your journey. For example, if your negative thought is, “I’m not worth the work”, and your goal was to gain more self-confidence, an appropriate positive affirmation could be something as simple as “I AM worth of self-love and confidence I can make the changes I deserve”.  


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I am so grateful I found your page. Not only am I feeling stronger physically but mentally too. My daughter watches my workouts every night and even participates in her own little way. I am so proud to be setting a healthy example for her.


Thank you so much for these videos you make me feel stronger!


Thanks so much for this, Katie!


I’m a bit confused with day 4 and day 5. Are we writing our affirmations down on day 4 and then saying them out loud on day 5?