The Only Supplements I Take


Supplements. I get asked pretty much every single day what I put in my body.

I share about my nutrition all the time — tons of free recipeson the blog + the HBMPand Guiltless Nutrition Guide. But what I don't talk about much are the supplements I take. So I wanted to share the non-food ways I nourish my body with you babes!


First thing in the Am, I drink ACV (apple cider vinegar) in my water. No, it doesn't taste good. And yeah, it kinda reminds me of dying Easter eggs. But the benefits are worth it. Don't believe me? Read on! ACV:

  • Promotes better digestion — which we all need but especially me with hypo
  • Balances blood sugar levels — aka fewer cravings
  • Helps build immunity — cause ain't nobody got time for gettin' sick
  • Natural detox — it helps your liver do its thang + keep bacteria at bay
  • Psst- I put about a teaspoon in about 8 oz of water. Bottoms up!

Hi, my name is Katie and I'm addicted to collagen

JK… kinda. But really, I am always sure to get in my collagen in the morning. I love to add collagen peptides/coconut creamer/whey isolate protein powder to my morning coffee. Helps perk me up, build muscle, feel my best… annnnd it tastes so dang good! I also drink a smoothieor shake with collagen within the first 30 minutes after a workout to help my body refuel and recover.

Gettin' my Zzzs on

Every night before bed, I drink a magnesium "tea" before bed. Omg does it help! So not only does it help me wind down and relax, but also so many of us are deficient in magnesium! There are sooo many symptoms of magnesium deficiency and they're all awful. Fatigue, stress, inability to sleep, anxiety, muscle cramps, etc. etc. etc. AKA do yourself a favor and incorporate this into your life, too!Those are kinda the 3 staples to my daily supplement routine that exist outside of my hypo. But since I have hypothyroidism, my docs have recommended a few other protocols based on my blood panels. EVEN IF you do NOT have hypo, this list will still be v helpful, promise. Also, I'm def not a doctor, but I know they do recommend annual CBC for everyone — even if you're totally healthy, so ya might wanna hop on that if it's been a minute.

Gimme all the Probiotics

But seriously. Give me billions of them. Daily. Sound excessive? It's not! When you're choosing your own probiotic, do your homework. Right now I am LOVING Ultra Strength Nature Made Digestive Probiotics…which have 30 billion CFU!Also, make sure you've got the right strains in there. Screenshot this, because you're not going to memorize these names… You'll wanna look for strains like Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus paracasei, and Bifidobacterium lactis (Told ya.). These are the ones that do some major heavy lifting for your gut!Make sure that they're live cultures. The bottle should say something like "live cultures"– much more effective than dead probiotics. Honestly, don't waste your time there. I've been using the Ultra-Strength Nature Made Digestive Probiotics, and they check all the key boxes

Multivitamins are your friend

These days, even with the best nutrition and cleanest ingredients, it can be hard to meet our body's needs. A lot of our food is nutritionally bankrupt compared to what it was decades ago. It's just a fact that our big farming practices have really messed with our food. Our soil simply has fewer vitamins and mineralsthan it did decades ago, and therefore so do the foods being grown on it.So what's a girl to do!? Supplement. I love my Nature Made Multi for Her multivitamin gummies. Such an easy thing to do that's an amazing and affordable investment in my health!


In addition to my multivitamin, I also take vitamin B12 since my body has such a hard time absorbing it. Because vitamin B12 is only found in foods of animal origin such as chicken, beef, fish, milk and eggs, if you follow a strict vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you're probably not eating enough vitamin B12.

Fish oil

Those of you with the HBMPknow that I looooove salmon. Like it's my go-to for so many dishes and that shows in the meal plan, I know. But on the days when I'm not eating salmon, I make sure to give my body what it deserves with a fish oil supplement.

I know a lot of you are prob gagging thinking of the big ol pill and its fishy aftertaste, but I swear by the Nature Made Fish Oil Adult Gummies You guys, they make a Burpless variety and a gummy one. Uh c'mon. That is TOO good. The gummies get a thumbs up from me because they not only taste delicious, but their flavoring and coloring are from all natural sources. V important.

So there you have it! Now you basicallllly know every single thing I put in my body to keep it workin its hardest so I can keep working my hardest! These are what I do every single day that work for my body. A lot of them will likely work for you and are things you should incorporate, too! But just remember, we are all different.

Also! I do randomly use a few other things, depending on how I'm feeling. Literally. There are some adaptogens that I like to incorporate based on what my hormones or mood are doing on any given day, like maca(hormone balance), ashwagandha (hormones — specifically testosterone), and blue-green algae (two fave recipes hereand here).

These may sound a little hippie-dippie if you're just hearing of them, but they're legit. We went in depth about the amazing benefits of ashwagandhathat also dives into an overview on adaptogens, so it's worth a read to understand why these herbs are so helpful! And how you, too, might wanna use them!

Whew! That was long! But I hope it was helpful, since I get soooo many DMs asking me to share this info! Drop a comment below to ask any qs you may have about my routine, and share what you are doing to help support your body to do its best every single day!

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