#LSFapproved recipes to fuel your healthy, happy, hot bodies!

Figuring out what the best foods are to help you lean up and stay fit through the years is one of the hardest things to do, but I have found ways to make delicious healthy foods that do just that!

I LOVE food!

These recipes some of my favorites and show you just how easy it is to eat clean balanced meals and still enjoy it!

If you want to truly change the way you eat and see serious results, start with the Hot Body Meal Plan. The 4 week plan will help jumpstart weight loss and teach you how to eat to fuel your body and burn fat.

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yvette shott
yvette shott

Hi Katie,
Since the holidays are right around the corner, would you have recipes for healthier versions of cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter blossom, maybe sugar cookies, pumpkin roll?
Thank you
Yvette Shott
I love all your recipes !!


Hi Katie I live in England & i’m interested in getting the guide / books are they in hard copy / do you post to England or do they come in PDF for download ?


Hey Katie, i’ve been watching your videos on how u take care of yourself, i have been struggling with my weight for over 5 years, since i’m still looking for work its a hard thing to do, i do drink water, but also working on changing my life style,, not sure what kinds of things to buy. considering so many things have sugar n so much fat in them,, if u have any advice for me feel free to message me or instagram me with your advice… I’d appreciate it.. thanks from Jenn!