Berry Blast Nice Cream

Have you tried making nice cream? I created this nice cream recipe to give you a dessert that’s twice as nice! Not only will it help you burn fat while you seep, it also has added benefits to boost your immune system and support muscle recovery!


If you’re looking for ways to burn more fat it’s time to up your protein intake. Studies show having at least 20g of protein right before bed helps you build lean muscle and aids in muscle and cell recovery. Lean muscle mass equals a higher calorie burn even at rest. That means you’ll burn more fat without even trying! Add your LSF the App workouts in and WOW!

    Side note – if you’re a chocolate lover, you can totally swap out the Vanilla Plant Protein for Chocolate for a delicious twist on this recipe. Even add a dash of extra cocoa powder to make it a richer dutch chocolate berry blast!.

    I can’t wait to hear what you think! If you make it, make sure you share on social and tag me @lovesweatitness #LSFfoodie I know you’re going to love it! xo Katie


    • 3 very ripe bananas
    • 2 cups  mixed berries
    • 1 can coconut milk refrigerated overnight
    • 2 scoops LSF Wing Woman
    • 1 scoop LSF Plant Protein in Vanilla 
    • 2-4 tbs maple syrup 


    1. Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth
    2. Serve immediately for a soft serve nice cream or place in a freezer container for at least 4 hours for a harder texture.