14 Day Bridal Bootcamp

2 week prep plan

What do you get when you combined a strong women with a killer plan, an unstoppable force! You're worth it. Your bridesmaids are worth it. And all the girls you know are worth it. Because....photos. This 14 Day Bridal Bootcamp ebook is designed to help you shed those last few pounds and tone and tighten up so you can slip into that dress feelings UH-MAZING! Whether you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle or just want to slay in your bridesmaids dress, this 14 day Bridal Bootcamp ebook is the perfect way to hit your gown goals

Disclaimer: please read before purchasing.

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    What's Inside:

    • 2 weeks of fat burning, calorie torching exercises
    • 14 day Meal Plan to shed those last few pounds
    • Daily tips to make sure you look and feel your best!
    • Printable Schedule to make sure you pencil yourself in
    • BONUS Wedding Day workout for you and your #LSFbridetribe
    • Disclaimer Please Read Before Purchase
    • Daily motivation and inspiration

Created by Katie Dunlop — Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, in collaboration w/ a Registered Dietitian.

What to Expect

Results Start Here

2 Weeks of Fat Burning Exercises

Turn up the heat before the big day

14 Day Meal Plan Included

Shed those last few pesky pounds and feel your best

Printable 2 Week Prep Schedule

Stay on track as you get ready for the first dance

THE Wedding Day Workout

Sweat it out with your bride tribe to kick off the big day w/ this special workout

Complete the routine

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