Weekly Workout Schedule

free at home workouts. Well that happened fast!

January has flown by, but you girls have pushed through and never stopped inspiring each other to live your best life this year!

Each day you'll have a set of exercises or a video to complete plus the optional Hot Body Sweat Guideworkout for that day.

On Thursday, February 1st we kick off the 1st everLots of Love Challengeand I want you to stay focused on YOU! Motivation comes from consistency and consistencyhappens when you do things you LOVE! For the next 14days we are going to focus on showing your body & mind unconditional self love so you can reach your goals this year w/ #TeamLSF!

Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle or just create a healthier lifestyle, we are giving you the tools you need to make it happen.

The LSF Planisn't just a nutrition plan or workout guide, it's a lifestyle makeoverthat will build strength and confidence emotionally, mentally and physically.

Roll Call!

There is a Sweat Babe prize with your name on it! Stay accountable to yourself and your team by using the hashtags#LiveGuiltless+#TeamLSFall month long when you post on Instagram.

Post your#LSFMadeItMondayon Instagram.

Fab Abs + Booty

Workout Time (15 minutes)

Exercises below x15 reps each + optional HBSGW5D1


Workout Time (15 minutes)

Video x2-3 + optional HBSGW5D2 + optional 20 minute walk


**Remember, what you do on one side, you need to do on the other side…

Toned Arms

Workout Time (15 minutes)

Exercises below x10 reps each + optional HBSGW5D3


Cardio + Lots of Love Challenge Starts!

Workout Time (20 minutes)

Video 3-4x + optional HBSGW5D4


Love Challenge Calendar Below

Click on the Calendar below to unlock it and print it out!

Lots of Love Challenge Day 1

Journal your intentions for the challenge & share them with your team on Instagram! #TeamLSF

An intention is a thought or a plan of what youintendto do or what you would like to see happen. But it's more than just an idea, it's a decision. A decision to put yourself first. To do something that is totally and unapologetically just for YOU!

Setting your intentions today will create more clarity in your life so you can turn your goals and dreams into reality. You can't force it, but you should spend some time to realize what you truly want for your life and what you need to do to get there.

These are just a few examples of intentions I've set for myself. Of course you can use these to guide you, but make your intentions are your own. Truly for you and only you.

  • I intend to love myself unconditionally
  • I intend to forgive myself and others without hesitation
  • I intend to eat to fuel my body, not simply comfort my mind
  • I intend to chose joy every day
  • I intend to be inspired by others accomplishments
  • I intend to lift others up around me every single day in some way

Full Body Sweat

Workout Time (15 minutes)

Do the exercises 15x reps each + optional HBSGW5D5

*Remember, what you do to one side, you need to do to the other side.

Lots of Love Challenge Day 2

Do something nice for a stranger. Spread that love babe!

This challenge is first about loving yourself, but that love comes form our actions. How we treat ourselves and other totally impacts our own happiness and one of the best ways to achieve happiness is by helping others. Even if you don't realize it, we tend to have a lot of negative self talk. Doing something nice for someone else can be a major self esteem boost and quiet that negative vote inside your head. You just did something totally unselfish and that's awesome! You're AWESOME!

Plus kindness is contagious. If you do something nice for someone else, it can change your perspective and positively impact how you treat yourself. If you can be kind to a complete stranger, you should absolutely be kind to yourself.

There are SO many ways you can do something kind for someone else. These are just a few ideas, but I want to know what you end up doing! Being proud of yourself is not conceded, it's self love so share on IG so we can all be inspired to help other in new ways!

  • Buy the persona behind you in line for coffee a drink
  • Donate clothes or canned foods to a local charity
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • SMILE ‚Äì it's simple, but can completely change someones day!
  • Leave an encouraging noteor give someone a compliment

Abs + Cardio

Workout Time (30 minutes)

Do the moves below x15 reps each + 20 minutes of LISS cardio + optional HBSGW5D6

*Hold your forearm plank for 60 seconds

Workout 15 Workout 15 Workout 15

Lots of Love Challenge Day 3

Clean up your space to clear you mind and start fresh this weekend.

If you ever feel totally overwhelmed by school, work or just life, I have the easiest solution for you! The best way to declutter your mind is to clean up your space. If your physical space is a mess your mind will be to. It will constantly be thinking about all the other things you need to do and get even more stressed.

I wish I would have figured that out a loooong time ago. I used to get such bad anxiety working from home, but now I know I just need to clean things up before I can fully focus on work. It can be as simple as putting away laundry, making my bed or doing the dishes, but it makes a HUGE difference.

Active Rest Day

Stretch it out babe + optional HBSGW5D7

Show your body extra love today! Rest, Prepand stretch it out!

Spend 10-20 minutes doing the stretches below, and any others stretches that make your body feel good! Hold each for about 1 min.

Workout 15 Workout 15 Workout 15 Workout 15 Workout 15

Lots of Love Challenge Day 4

Write down 5 things you love about yourself. Post a selfie with your list on Instagram. #LSFlotsoflove

I am so excited for today's challenge! This is such an important part of learning to love yourself more. Writing things down allows you to be more creative, raw, honest and think bigger. It gives you the time and space to really explore how you're feeling and changes the way you think about yourself. Words are nice, but physically writing it downmakes it fact in your mind. When you say “ I am beautiful” it's easy to brush it off or not believe it, but writing those words is much harder and has a way bigger impact on what you believe to be true.

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