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What is the lsf lifestyle makeover?

Unlike traditional makeovers that simply focus on physical appearances, the LSF Lifestyle Makeover is about creating healthy changes from the inside out.
The Guiltless Nutrition Guide gives women the tools they need to develop new healthy habits that build confidence and strength emotionally, mentally and physically.
There are two things any makeover needs in order to be successful: An incredible team and someone who is ready for a change.
With over a half a million women across the globe, Team LSF is here to support you every step of the way.
All you need to do is be ready to take the first step in transformation your lifestyle and finding your happy, healthy, hot body.

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“These workouts are simple and amazing and you will get results!”

— Sarah M.

For the first time in my life I feel healthy, happy

This meal plan was honestly so much easier than I thought and made me realize how important it is to truly fuel your body! In 4 weeks, I felt so much healthier, happier and my energy on a day to day basis allowed me to improve my work ethic and family life.

— Kerry L., August 2017

So worth it!

I started gaining weight when I graduated college in a large city and moved home to the country. There isn’t a gym close by like there was at school. I could walk to the one there and now it’s a 20+ minute drive. I have been following @lovesweatfitness for a couple years now, I just love that Katie is a real person that strives to better herself everyday. Last summer, May 2016 to be exact, I took a picture with my boyfriend at a graduation party and it made me nauseous. I HAD to do something, where did the fit, in shape, athlete that I had always been go? I was at a weight of 168, my heaviest ever. I started eating better and did at home workouts here and there. I lost some weight but around Christmas I still wasn’t happy and soon after bought the HBSG. I even got up the courage to create an Instagram for my fitness journey and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it! The lsf community is so uplifting and inspiring! To date, I am down 30 pounds but I am currently trying to tone and build muscle so the number on the scale soon will not matter. I am excited to be taking on this journey with @lovesweatfitness!

– Kati Taylor, August 2017


Honestly the bundle is an LSF must! It’s the whole package, the meal plan teaches you how to fuel your body and the sweat guide teaches you how to work and build your muscles.

The sweat guide also can easily be integrated with any exercise you enjoy like spin, running, or yoga. You can do all these things in the plan!

This bundle will truly transform your body. It is worth every penny!

— Katie Levine., August 2017


I’ve been doing HBSG work outs and meal plan for four weeks and holy cow the results! My favorite part is how easily it fits into my life style! The work out are quick and I can do them anywhere. The food is tasty and I love the flexibility!

— Megan, August 2017

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