Spring Slim Down 2024 Winners


Our team is continuously impressed by our LSF community. All the women in this community worked their butts off and we're so proud of each and every one of you! You all finished this 6 week challenge so strong and your transformations, inside and out, were INCREDIBLE!

Thank you for pushing yourselves and our community to be the best we can be! 

Time to shout out our SSD24 winners! These inspiring women, not only have incredible transformation photos but have the most amazing stories!


Allison Dupay (@Allison.fit.mama_lsf)

Total pounds lost: 13

Allison's Story: 

"I’ve always struggled with my self-esteem. When I took my before photos, I was in tears looking at them. I was at my heaviest (including when I was pregnant). I didn’t recognize my own body & I knew it was time to get serious and buckle down. 

I knew I couldn’t make any more excuses, I needed to change for myself and for my future health. So I followed the Move App workouts, completing each one. I joined an accountability group SSD Shining Stars & LSF mamas. Stayed committed to following the 7-day Slim down & HBMP, and followed a 40 Day Sugar fast with my sister. 

I started the journey hoping & praying I could stick with it & not give up. So many of the encouraging women in the LSF community kept me going! The meal plans helped take the planning & guess work away. And I think that was the key to my success.

Not only did I get stronger physically, I grew in confidence! I have been struggling with anxiety, fatigue, migraines, dizziness, and hormonal issues since 2020. Since changing my diet & moving my body, I have never felt better! My migraines are non-existent, my anxiety is SO MUCH better, I have ridiculous amounts of energy (waking at 5:30), and my dizziness and hormonal issues are gone! LSF has been the key to getting myself back."


Natalie McArthur (@Nataliekay_lsf)

Total Pounds Lost: 9

Natalie's Story:

"I gained 35+ lbs in my late thirties and was hating every little thing about my body. I found it extremely challenging to change my habits and lifestyle. I had no plan or direction in which to change. I was tired. Tired of feeling tired, tired of not going out of the house because I had nothing to wear, tired of feeling bad every single day. This is when I decided to join the Spring Slim Down Challenge.

In only 6 weeks I have gained a confidence I didn’t know I had, I gained a new found happiness to get up early in the morning, I gained an appreciation of my body and what it can do, I gained a new relationship with food and learned how to nourish my body, I gained a community of so much support, love and encouragement, not to mention I lost 9 lbs and my clothes fit so so much better! 

For me this is just the beginning! I am committed to being my best self yet and I have Katie and the LSF team/community to thank for that. I am so grateful and feel so proud to be where I am today. I feel strong, motivated, and excited for more to come! Good things DO come to those who sweat!"

Jessica Brooke Abrams (@jess.sweats.lsf)

Total Pounds Lost: 6

Jessica's Story: 

"I started this challenge as a reset for the new year to hold myself accountable to committing to working out with the move app every single day and closely following the HBMP. I also really wanted a support system for this challenge so I started #teamlsfslay and these women were incredible with motivating me and sharing their support throughout the challenge. I don't think I could have stayed so consistent without them! This challenge got me into the habit of working out and eating right consistently."


Our Pink Heart Award goes to a member in the #teamLSF community who not only stayed dedicated to their own fitness journey, but was also extremely encouraging of her fellow #teamlsf babes! Every challenge we ask members to submit people who motivated them and was a source of positivity and encouragement throughout the challenge. 

Selena - Lost 11lbs

"I’ve losing 17 pounds since the start of the Feel Good 14 challenge, (11 of which I’ve lost since the beginning of SSD).

I stuck to a meal plan for over a month and now my husband & I are nutritionally treating ourselves better.  

While all that feels incredible, this challenge had a lot less to do with hitting weight loss goals and more about cheering on the LSF girlies who have cheered me on every past challenge. 

My why is encouraging others when they don’t believe in themselves or aren’t getting encouragement from the people in their life and maybe even getting their dreams put down."



We received SO many amazing submissions to this challenge that it was nearly impossible to just spotlight our Grand Prize Winner, Runner Ups, and Pink Heart Recipient. We wanted to shout out these amazing members who also had insane transformations & heartwarming stories! 

Eunice Lopez - (Eunlop03_lsf)

Lost: 5 lbs


"I decided to make a change/tweak if you will, on regulating my workout hours and sleep cycle. I started coming home for lunch to make my healthy food at home and pack my workout clothes to take with me to change after work on way to gym. Going to gym directly instead of home first has helped me get my workout in earlier, which makes me have dinner earlier and then ends with me getting more sleep. Last couple of weeks has been great and have noticed a difference in body and I can see that my body is getting sculpted, snatched, slimmer!"

Aleena Nichols - (Faithfitness_girl.lsf)

Lost: 11 lbs

"I committed to SSD fully and worked on my physical health but more importantly my mental health and in turn that helped my physical health even more. This challenge was the first time using the meals plans and I loved them. It was great to have a quick, simple, and effective plan laid out in front of me (just like the Move app for my exercises) so that I wasn’t always thinking about what I should make for meals! I even found a couple new favorite foods (salmon and Greek yogurt) that before the HBMP I didn’t realize I liked so much.

There’s always going to be challenges, but I took it one day at a time and will continue to do so. I am so thankful for the #teamlsf girls that encourage and support me. I love that about these challenges-we do it together!

The biggest victory from SSD I would say is that I FINALLY got into a rhythm of exercise and protein in the morning. I’d been trying to make it work for a long time and it actually stuck this time! Yay! I showed up daily and made small changes that added up and I’m proud of my hard work and results."


Annie Findlay 

Lost: 7lbs

"I have been in several of your challenges and I feel like this is the one that changed me the most. I did the hot body meal plan this time, and I feel like I’ve been able to transform my idea of healthy eating and set some actual healthy habits for myself. I’ve been able to lose 6.5 to now 8 pounds, and since I’ve used this app, I’ve lost 23 pounds!"


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