How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month And Keep It Off

How to lose 10 pounds in a month.

It sounds major, right? Losing ten pounds requires you to get pretty serious about your wellness. But it's definitely doable, and I'll say that when I did it, I felt better than I ever had before. Once I was making healthy choices to fuel my body with just what it needs, I felt more energized and had less brain fog and fewer bad moods.

And, girls, I know it can sound daunting, but I'm telling you: it is possible! I didn't think I'd lose 45 pounds, let alone keep it off. And I'm far from the only success story.

Just look what these girls did last year! During our 2019 Summer Shape Up, we saw some serious transformations!! I'm so proud of all of these women. They put themselves and their health first, and it shows.

How to make it happen

Now, I bet you're probably wondering how to lose 10 pounds in a month. So let's talk about our tried-and-true method. This all comes down to healthy weight loss. You need to find something realistic for your current lifestyle so you can maintain it. Not only is this how to lose 10 pounds in a month, but it's also a way to maintain that progress long-term!

Weekly goals to lose 10 pounds in a month

Healthy weight loss usually ranges from one to three pounds a week. I know that when I was trying to lose weight, it was really easy to get sucked into the big picture. I'd see super skinny girls and think, "Ugh, I just wanna look like that!"

But there are a lot of steps between A and B. And setting yourself up to actually lose 10 pounds in a month really comes down to taking it week by week and day by day.

So let's talk about my first big "DO" in how to lose 10 pounds in a month.

summer shape up

DO set microgoals

Look, your weight is going to fluctuate a little bit each day. That's totally normal. But if you look at your daily weigh-ins over the course of a week, you should see progress in the right direction.

Again, we're aiming for 1-3 pounds of weight loss each week. Set your weekly goal and check in with yourself daily to stay on track. My fave way to keep how I'm feeling organized is writing it in my Day Dreamer journal. Journaling how you feel and what your progress is so helpful to look back on.

DON'T think you have to do it on your own

Girl, you have come to the right place for the support and tools you need to do this thing! For starters, I'd recommend checking out our Summer Shape Up workouts and our Nutrition Plans. These are going to give you a ton of guidance so you don't feel like you're floundering, wondering how to lose 10 pounds in a month in a way that doesn't involve starving yourself. And hey, I totally understand sometimes we get cravings for junky food and sweet treats, it's NORMAL, don't feel bad about it gf. (Plus I put together this sweet but healthy alternative for that reason. So yum!)

We literally just started our Summer Shape Up on July 6th so you're jumping in at the perfect time! We're doing live workouts and weekly virtual meetups. We want to join you on your weight-loss journey and we hope you'll let us!

DO tap into our support system

One of the things I love most about our Summer Shape Up challenge — and all of our challenges, really —is the way the ladies taking on the challenge rally together. It's so inspiring to see how we all change in eight weeks. Think about it: if we can realistically aim for 10 pounds of weight loss a month, in the eight-week challenge, we're seeing girls drop 20 pounds.

Not only that, but we're helping them plug into our Team LSF community so they can get ongoing support and motivation. We're seeing women totally transform not just their bodies, but the way they live their lives. I LOVE watching people take their health and wellbeing seriously. We all deserve it!

You can use our Team LSF Insta to find other girls taking on the challenge. DM them to find an accountability partner so you can get extra support!

DON'T let a missed day throw you off track

I know how it goes. You're feeling so good after your first week of healthy eating and regular workouts. But then you have a bad workday and you're feeling crummy. Suddenly, the ice cream in your fridge is calling. You curl up on the couch instead of doing the workout you planned.

It happens! Don't beat yourself up about it! Tomorrow's a fresh day, girl! Heck, the next hour's a new hour. Pick yourself up and keep crushing it because you are doing this for YOU.

DO make it fun for yourself!

Yes, I'm definitely taking my Summer Shape Up pretty seriously. But it's still summer, and I believe that means it's time for having fun and chilling!

Figure out what makes this fun for you. Maybe it's a pretty calendar and stickers so you can mark your progress each day. Maybe it's a fire Spotify playlist to pump during your workouts. Maybe it's putting a super cute outfit in your online cart to order for yourself when you hit your weekly weight loss goal.

The only way to really make weight loss sustainable — and to keep the weight off — is to make sure you enjoy it. Our LSF fam is all about having fun and enjoying and supporting each other! No stress here. I am so psyched that you're ready to get serious about taking care of yourself. Sign up for our Summer Shape Up challenge, get your kitchen prepped for healthy, yummy meals, and make your LSF Instagram to join us there. We've got this, babe!

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