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At home workouts. There is something extra special about this week… Actually 2 things! Friday is the FIRST DAY OF FALL ? and I'm leading a FREE live workout for you girls!

ATTN: All Los Angeles LSF Girls!!!!

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This Sunday, September 24th, I will be hosting a HIIT workout at Active Nation Day with Lorna Jann! It's 100% FREE and will be a morning full of fitness fun + swag for the first girls who sign up!

There will be a post-HIIT yoga stretch sesh with my friend Jordan of The Balanced Blonde too! So much girl power in one morning is a lot, but I know you can handle it?

Get all the details & Sign UP for FREE HERE

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Get your motivation on &Commit to your check-ins!Post a pic (of anything!) on Instagram each day & use hashtag#TeamLSF. Posting helps you stay accountable, inspires all the LSF girls & gives you more chances to win prizes!

Start right now!

Post your #LSFMadeItMonday goal/update on IG. Writing it down and putting it out in the universe is a great way to make sure you stick to it! We've got your back girlfriend.

So Necessary

Mondays are a GOOD thing. Yes, they can be hectic at times, but it keeps us on our toes. You might not be able to control what happens at school or work, but you CAN control how you take care of your body!

Let's talk back fat. I remember always stressing about my bra bulge until I realized that obviously when you twist and turn to look in the mirror it's going to crunch and smooth together. It makes it seem WAY worse than it actually is.

You girls know that your diet and nutritionis #1 here, but there are definitely exercises that can help to strengthen the muscles in those areas and burn fat.

NEW Toned Arms with POPSUGAR!


Wanna Flow with Me?

Mondays are usually a little nuts so today we are going to let go of the crazy and focus on YOU! Yoga is a great way to simultaneously strengthen and relax your body and your mind. I love yoga sculpt because it takes it next level and allows you to really get outside of your comfort zone a push a little harder.


Post workout fuel for those muscles!

pecan pie smoothie recipe

Creamy Pecan Pie Smoothie

Have pie everyday! This Pecan Pie Smoothie taste like dessert without all the guilt.

Smooth Sailing over the Hump

We all hate cellulite. Doesn't matter if you weight 100lbs or 500lbs you can have cellulite. It's TOTALLY normal! That said, there are ways to help reduce it including todays workout! Checkout the blog post for more tips and do the video below for a bump free hump day!



Have you seen the NEW #LSFsweatanywhereshow on Facebook Watch? Check it out & Follow the page! I will be taking you girls everywhere and anywhere to show you just how easy it is to workout no matter where you are!

Tight Abs Thursday

I'm on week 4 of both the HBSG& HBMPand am feeling SO good! Don't judge, but Ryan and I already have our Halloween costumes picked out and those abs are gonna need to be extra tight.I know… it's early, but tomorrow's the first day of fall so not THAT early.?


Basic Babes Unite!

You've got a lot to do today I know… I mean, it's the first OFFICIAL weekend of fall! Bring on the PSL's

Do this quick Hot Body HIIT to release those summer feels, then go make yourself a big old Pumpkin Spice Latte and say HELLO to fall.


I want to see your PSL's on Instagram! Snap a pic when you try the recipe and tag me @lovesweatfitness and your whole @TeamLSF#TeamLSF

pumpkin spice latte, healthy pumpkin spice latte, healthy latte, starbucks, psl, pumpkin spice

Guiltless Pumpkin Spice Latte

Try out this healthy, easy & guiltless pumpkin spice latte at home this weekend!

This week has been cray, but so there are just so many exciting things happening for TeamLSF! I went to a few events around L.A. and met so many awesome girls who were already a part of TeamLSF and I didn't even know it!

Don't keep all the awesomeness to yourself girlfriend! Share LSF with your friends, family and any other super babes in your life. The more girls = the more support, encouragement and motivation we all get to soak up!

Toned Booty & Thigh Workout w/ Popsugar!


Prep Your Way to Fit!

The Guiltless Nutrition Guide is getting ready for release and I just know you are going to be obsessed. If you already have the Hot Body Meal Plan you know just how EASY it is to eat healthy.

Meal Prepping can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. In the Guiltless Nutrition Guide you'll get tips for practical meal prepping, no need to be type A here. Quick, simple, fat burning meals ready to grab and in no time.

Few ways to make it easier…
  • Meal Prep with a Friend!Pretty much everything is better together. Grab a girlfriend and split up the tasks. Maybe even pour yourself a drink and cheers to just how awesome you are.
  • Add Some Flavor to your Chicken.Plain, basic chicken gets boring. Bake a few pounds up at once, but season the pieces differently. I like to do some lemon and herb, some with Mexican spices, some more Asian inspired, etc. Your week will be far from boring.
  • Prep the Meal You Hate.If you never have time to eat breakfast because you're always running out the door or you always eat crap for dinner because you're too tired to cook, youNEED TO PREP THOSE MEALS.Even if you only prep one meal a day for the week, you will be that much better off come next Sunday!

The recipes in the Hot Body Meal Plan can be mixed and matched, spiced up however you like easily prepped. Grab yours and start working for those Halloween costumes!Too soon??

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