Weekly Workout Schedule


weekly workout. weekly workout. BOO! Don't be scared, but something really boo-tastic is coming this week!

These daily sweat moves are such a great place to get started, but girl if you want to really kick that booty into gear and reach your #goals grab your LSF Plan to jump into the month!

Boo-Tay Bae
Repeat x3 (10+ minutes)
x1 to warm up + HBSGW6D1
Sumo Squats x15
Fire Hydrants x15 each side
Butt Kickers x40
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Anti Anxiety Abs
(10+ minutes)
Bikini Ab Ladder + HBSGW6D2

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#LSFRollCall:Tag A Babe Tuesday! Share a sweaty selfie and tag a babe to remind her to get her sweat in!
Bye Bye Bat Wings
Repeat x3 (10+ minutes)
HBSGW6D3 + Video1x as a bonus round!

If you haven't grabbed your booty bands yet, you're gonna want them for this one!

Lat. Plank Walks x20

weekly workout

Pull Aways x15

Tricep Extensionsx15
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Sweat Out the Stress!
Repeat x3 (10+ minutes) + 30 mins Cardio
HBSGW6D4 + Daily Sweat Moves x1
weekly workout

Forearm Plank 1 minute

weekly workout

Bicycle Crunches x50

weekly workout
Double Leg Lift x20
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Full Body Sweat
Repeat x3 (10+ minutes)
weekly workout
Side Plank Elbow Tap x15 each side
weekly workout
Grand Plié Jacks x20
weekly workout
Ice Skaters x20
#LSFRollCall: Check back in with a friend who shared her October #goals with you last week! How are they doing? Need some extra support? Spread the love to all your babes + DM groups!
Love Your Body!
Workout Time (10+ minutes)
Video x1
HBSGW6D6 +Video x1 to warm up

#LSFRollCall: We DARE you to use these posture tips allllll weekend long! Trust us, it'll make a difference.

Self Care Sunday!
Stretch + Foam Roll (15 minutes)
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