Weekly Workout Schedule


Free weekly workouts. You're rocking the HBSG and daily workouts and it's showing!

If you haven't joined the #LiveGuiltless challengethis month, it's not too late! We're jumping into Week 2 of the LSF planand it will take your workouts to the next level so you see results even faster!

If you missed it last week, we're giving you a sneak peek at the Hot Body Sweat Guide & Meal Plan in last weeks w eekly workout schedule.

Commit to your daily #LSFrollcall check-ins on Instagram

We've been obsessed with your roll call check-ins this week and will be sharing them on IG and in the LSF newsletter! You never know who you will inspire so keep on sharing babe!

Use the hashtags#LiveGuiltless+#TeamLSFall month long so I know you are in! Posting and sharing what you're doing to love your body and live guiltless will help inspire your team and keep you going strong!

Post your#LSFMadeItMondayon Instagram and give us an update on your goals. You crushed week 1 of the new year and I know this week is going to be even better! Recommit to yourself and your team and get sweatin'

Legs + Booty

Workout Time (10 minutes)

Do the video below 2x + optionalHBSG W2D1


5 Tips for a Healthier YOU This Year!

I know you girls are still smashing your goals for 2018 (I mean, have youseen #teamlsfon Instagram!?) but as the year continues, we all know how easy it is to fall short of the resolutions we've set. Never fear! Not this year!!!


Workout Time (30+ minutes)

LISS Cardio of your choice + optionalHBSG W2D2

Get the low down on the BEST options for LISS cardio in this video.


Arms + Abs

Workout Time (15 minutes)

Do 3 rounds of the moves below 15x each + optionalHBSG W2D3

HIIT + Yoga

Workout Time (30 minutes)

Do the video 4x + Yoga moves + optional HBSG W2D4

*Tip – hold each yoga posture for 30-60 seconds or longer

Workout 12 Workout 12 Workout 12 Workout 12

Lower Body

Workout Time (20 minutes)

Do each video 1x + optional HBSG W2D5


Full Body + Cardio

Workout Time (30+ minutes)

Do the moves below 15x each & 20+ minutes of LISS cardio + optional HBSG W2D6

Workout 12 Workout 12 Workout 12 Workout 12

*Option to do push-up on your knees

Active Rest Day

Do something you LOVE + optional HBSG W2D7

Active rest days are about allowing your body and mind time to rest, reflect and recover. Fill your day with things you love and that make you truly and utterly happy!

Workout 12

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