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The Wait is Over!

The search for the perfect gym bag is finally over and it totally has my heart (sorry, Ryan!) The LSF Sweat It Out Gym Bagis super adorable and the perfect size to hold your sweaty essentials and weekend getaway gear.Speaking of getting away, these bags are gonna go fast!The Limited Edition LSF xVooray Gym Baghas it all: The comfiest adjustable straps, the perfect pocket for your "Day Drinking" water bottleand a padded faux fur pocket for those emergency texts to your BFF. You can grab yours (and one for your bestie) in the LSF Shop.

Lift Those Buns Hun

If you follow the Hot Body Sweat GuideMondays (Day 1) each week are all about the legs and booty. We hit it hard the first day because lower body exercises work more muscles, burn more calories and set you up for an amazing week of workouts.

These are some of my favorite moves to quickly work those trouble areas.

Total Time: 20 minutes


Complete each video 2x

Sip & Sweat!

Have you tried this yet? OMG so good! Cauliflower is a great way to create a smooth smoothie without adding tons of sugar. This is one of my favorite green smoothierecipes, but you can use it in ANY smoothie to replace banana.

It's going to be the hot trend of 2018 and you're getting it from #TeamLSF first!

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The Workout

Total Time: 25 minutes


4 rounds total!

Blast the Bulge!

So annoying right? I hate when you feel like you have to adjust your bra throughout the day. Ya a better bra would for sure help, but these exercises will help you tone your back to that bra or not, you feel confident.

Total Time: 20 minutes


Complete 3x

We have a brand new playlist up for you! This is what Katie created for the 10k we did last week and it's perfect for any workout you want to get pumped up for!

Best Songs to Run a 10k

Best Songs to Run a 10k

Namastay At Home

Don't you just LOVE that you literally can do these workouts anywhere? I used to pay so much money every month just to go to a studio, but now we can all workout together in our pj's if we want to! Yay!

Yoga sculpt is still one of my favorite workouts to mix into my week. The combo of seriously hard work and relaxing stretch is so nice to balance me out.

Can't wait for you to check this one out, but before you start…


We are announcing something crazy exciting and want you to be a part of it! Don't miss out this! It's a first for TeamLSF and will only happen once a year!!

Total Time: 20 Minutes


Complete 2x

Happy Hour or Nah…

Not every weekend can be full of friends and rosé. I mean, sounds amazing, but sometimes staying in solo is just what you need!

If you're cozying up at home tonight, do these moves while you're bingeing out on your fave Netflix show.

Total Time: 21 minutes


♥ Complete 3x

Crusin' Into the Weekend

Hello Saturday! No matter what your work/life/school schedule is like, there is something special about a Saturdays. I hope you are doing something fun today and taking time to treat yoself! Start off by giving your body a chance to relax and unwind with this Yoga Flow workout.

Total Time: 25 minutes


Complete 2x


Tomorrow is a BIG DAY!!!! We are starting something super special so we want you to take today to relax, regroup and get ready for an amazing 2 weeks ahead!

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