Amazing Workout Results - Natasha


workout results. In case you missed the IG live, we wanted to share even more about our amazing Sleigh The Holiday GRAND PRIZE winner 'cause WOW, her results made us go ???.

We did a little interview with Natasha to hear more about her journey, loss of 13 pounds (!!!), and all that she has gained being part of Team LSF. Natasha has proved anything is possible in just five weeks! Her amazing workout results are so inspiring.

Meet Natasha

Name: Natasha Perry

Age: 26

Instagram handle: @tatatashie

How long have you been part of Team LSF?

I have been part of Team LSF since November 2018. Sleigh The Holiday was my first challenge and now I'm doing the #LSFRefreshin 21!

What inspired you to take part in #LSFSleigh?

I watched Katie's video about her weight loss storyand she has really inspired me to lose weigh for my health, not my looks. I found out that I had Chron's disease a few years ago, so she also motivated me with her hypothyroidism story. I always lost and gained weight like her because I was so focused on weight, not loving my body like I do now!

What is your favorite LSF workout to do? And what's your favorite workout video of Katie's?

LSF Daily 10 are my favorite workouts. I can't choose just one. I love the surprise of doing something different everyday. The 200 Calorie Burn HIIT Cardio Workoutis my favorite video because it pushes you to get that heart rate up and I love challenges.?

What is your go-to LSF recipe?

Who would have thought that a pancake could be healthy? Katie's coconut pancakesare delicious and will put a smile on anyone's face!

What is the hardest part of working out for you?

For me, the hardest part of working out us finding the time with working full-time, but when you make the time your body feels AND looks amazing! When I am worn out after work, I start with the Daily 10 workouts, and often feel like doing more afterwards!

Making major lifestyle changes isn't easy. Tell us about the most difficult part of the challenge for you.

Giving up junk food. Below is a picture of all the food I would binge eat. Not only is it the food I would binge eat, but all the food in the picture totals up to how much weight I have lost during the challenge.

What is your problem zone?

My problem zone has always been my upper legs. I would always gain weight in my hips and Katie has taught me just how to shrink those areas.

What is your best advice for other girls trying to start up a fitness routine?

Follow Love Sweat Fitness on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Read the blogs on Katie and her girls have inspired me so much. You first have to have the mindset, then the rest will fall into place.

What keeps you motivated?

The LSF community! Oh, and I know the #Goals planner will as soon as I receive it!

Anything else you want to share with the LSF community?

I can't thank Team LSF, LSF, and the LSF community enough for the thoughts and encouragement. I definitely went out of my comfort zone and it was worth it. Not only do I feel healthy, but I now have an amazing mindset! I will continue to follow and do challenges with Team LSF. This is a lifelong goal for me and we are all winners!

Natasha's workout results are absolutely amazing! The hard work she's put into her body really shows and we are SO proud of her.

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