Summer Shape Up Week 8


summer fitness challenge. OMG How Is It Our Last Week!

And just like that we are heading into our last week of our best challenge ever! So far! This summer fitness challenge is our absolutely favorite. You've worked your bootys off and shown yourselves and our team just how strong you really are! Now lace up your sneakers, wear that pony high and proud and get ready to cross that finish line!
*Follow the workouts below. The times and rounds are suggestions. If you need more time, take it! If you can do more rounds, do them! You do you! If you have the Hot Body Sweat Guide see the second option for your daily workout.

Barre Bootcamp

Workout Time (32+ minutes)

Barre Bootcamp x4


Video x1 to warm up + HBSGW8D1

We're doing a NEW YouTube Series: WTF Wellness ?

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

#LSFMadeItMondaySet 3 final #goals for the challenge! Share a pic and tell us about them. Post a pic of your fave hiking trail if you want to spend more time outside, or a pic of your water bottleif you're trying to up that H2O intake.

Full Hot Body Sweat Guide Workout

**NEW Hot Body Sweat Guide Uploaded to YouTube on Monday August 27th**

Time (15+ minutes)

New Video x1


Video 1x + HBSGW8D2

*We moved fast! Remember you can slow it down & take it at your pace.

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Check in w/ a Like & Comment on the video & tell us your FAVORITE place to workout!

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Share what L.S.F. means to you in your IG stories!

Love: What are you passionate about? What makes you smile?

Sweat: Why do you choose to sweat?

Fitness: What's your fave way to stay FIT?

Arms + Abs

Time (35+ minutes)

Each Video 2x


Video 1x each + HBSGW8D3

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Play the game on Team LSF's story today — it's seriously so fun. Screenshot. Play. Share!

Cardio Dance

Workout Time (20+ minutes)

Video 4x


Video x1 to Warm Up + HBSGW8D4 + NEW Hot Body LISS REMIX

Make yourself a Slay-Your-Day Smoothietoday to get your metabolism firing! It's going to fill you up and for real get the fat burning going at max capacity. We're obsessed with this recipe at LSF HQ right now.

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

TBT to the very, very beginning of the Summer Shape Up (feels like it was just yesterday!). Remember your inspo wall? Add a few more inspo pics/quotes to help you push your hardest the last few fays. Head to the Team LSF page for ideas!

Full Body Burn

Workout Time (28+ minutes)

Each Video 2x


Bikini Ab Ladder + HBSGW8D5

Treat yourself to a new athleisure look! We shared Katie's top gym-to-brunch looksfor fall this week and we're hoping it inspires you to a new style moment. FYI: The LSF Apparel lineupis???right now.

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Rewind to the #goals you set Monday. Comment on a babe's post to check-in and see how they're coming! Share one of her posts in your story with some encouraging words

Sculpt + HIIT Cardio

Workout Time (30 minutes)

Yoga Sculpt x1 + HIIT Me Baby Workout


Video 1x + SSU Bikini Ab Ladder + HBSGW8D6

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

HIIT me [burpees] one more time!! Count up those burpees while completing the HIIT workout and add some more because you're a high achiever ?! Share your final # and challenge a babe to beat it.

Final Push!

NEW HBSG Video + Foam Roll/Stretch (30 minutes)


SSU Bikini Ab Ladder + HBSGW8D7

Don't Forget to Take Your Progress Photos + Measurements today!!!!

summer shape up week 8, summer shape up, weekly workout schedule, weekly workout

♥ Accountability Challenge♥

Ok, so that flew by ?. Spread the sweaty love to all your babes!! We're talking accountability group and beyond. These AMAZING transformations could not have been possible without all the love + support from your girls. Spread that kindness like confetti, with at least 10 comments, IG stories shout-outs, posts (or whatever!) for the LSF babes who kept you going. We all need motivation during this summer fitness challenge and we know you girls will go above and beyond!

You've made incredible new friends and I don't what that love and support you've been giving each other stop now. We don't just need motivation during challenges right? Stay connected with your LSF babes and don't forget, there are lots of good things coming!

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