Refresh In 21 | Week 3


It's the last week of the Refresh in 21 Challenge! Wild. You know what that means? This week is crunch time (literally AND figuratively?).

It means this is the week where you really have to choose what you want for your life. Because if now isn't the time you overhaul your habits to become who you want to be….then WHEN?!

No no, girl, no more waiting. THIS IS YOUR TIME! So take a look at this week's schedule and plan out when you're going to get your Daily 10 in each day. We all have ten minutes!

And if you're new to the whole Daily 10 thing? First of all…Hiiiiiii! I'm so excited you're here! Second: the LSF Daily 10 are the three moves you see under each day of the week (in gif form). All you gotta do is 3 sets of each move to complete your +/-10 minute workout.And you can get more deets on it here.

Let's get it?

LSF Daily 10: BOOTY

Each Move x10 / Each Side| Repeat x3 (10 minutes)


HBSGLegs & Booty Workout + LSF Daily 10

Reverse Lunges — Double Pulse Squat — Rainbows

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