Our Must Haves For Summer + Giveaway!


Summer must haves

Can you believe it?? Summer is ALMOST here and what better way to celebrate than getting prepped with all of the Summer gear you could ever need! We put together this list of our ultimate Summer must haves so you can bring in the season healthy, happy and ready!

PLUS, to get you even more pumped for the sunshine season, we're hosting a MAJOR giveaway with some of our fave brands! Basically, it's filled with all of the things a girl could ever need this Summer. We're talking workout gear, wine and bathing suits. What else is there, TBH?

Our Summer Must Haves

Everything you need to prep your beautiful bod!

I mean, this one's kind of obvious, right? Of course we want to be looking our best this Summer, but we're also all about FEELING our best. That means feeling strong, confident and like the total bada** we all are! So we're making it happen and we want you to join us.

The two main things we're focusing on before Summer officially hits are our workouts and nutrition. Of course, we'll be doing our LSF the App workouts every day, but this year we're taking it up a notch. Forget the dumbbells, we're getting fit with our LSF Workout Equipment! On the real, this workout equipment is so amazing because it's lightweight and can do with you anywhere, but it's also SUPER effective. Throw the Sculpting Slider Discs in your purse and get an ab workout during your lunch break or grab the LSF Booty Bands and use one for a 10 minute booty burn! This gear is going to be our go-to all Summer long.

Additionally, we can't forget about nutrition. Ofc, we're going to be enjoying ourselves this Summer and not restricting ourselves from that margarita or an occasional BBQ cheeseburger. But... that doesn't mean we're letting ourselves totally forget about our goals! The best way to find that healthy balance and be able to enjoy what we're eating but still live guiltless, is by using our LSF Nutrition Plans!

There really is something for everyone. We have meal plans ranging from 1 to 4 weeks AND a recipe book with over 130 healthy recipes! It's the perfect way to feel amazing and radiate that Summer confidence from the inside out. Check out out nutrition plans here!

The Ultimate 'Cheers!'

Is it really Summer if you didn't have wine? Next up on our Summer essentials list is Bev canned wines! If you've never had Bev wine..... you are in for a treat. Not only is it delish AF but it's so convenient for Summer AND has zero sugar! The small, cute cans are perfect for travel, meaning you can bring them to the beach, on a picnic, basically anywhere.

Bev is pretty much going to be our drink of the season. We're about it. And our girls at Bev are giving you a little treat - get $20 off your Bev order using code LSF20 on drinkbev.com!

Don't forget your bikini!

OBVIOUSLY we weren't going to finish off this list without listing one of the biggest Summer essentials ever... a bathing suit! We're pretty much going to be spending all of our time at the beach this Summer, but regardless if you're going to a pool, beach, lake or river, a bathing suit is a necessity.

Our go-to for bathing suits is a locally owned company in Orange County called L*Space! The fabric... quality. The designs.... so cute. Seriously GF, if you're looking for a bikini this Summer it's L*Space all of the way!! Our girls over at L*Space have got you with your dream bikini - use code LSF10for 10% off your order on the L*Space website!! But hurry, it expires 11/1/21.

Summer Kickoff Giveaway

We're so excited to use all of these must haves this Summer and we want you to get your hands on them too! So grab your girls and celebrate, we're teaming up with Bev and L*Space to give you everything you need to start your summer right! And the best part, it's totally free to enter.

The winner will receive:

$100 gift card to the Love Sweat Fitness shop

$200 gift card to L*Space Swim

$100 gift card to Bev wines

Enter the giveaway here! Happy (almost) Summer babe!

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