Meet My LSF Besties


Say hi to Ali & Natalie…. My LSF Besties!

Can I just say how much fun I'm having reading your comments and double-tapping your IG posts?! You guys are going for it in a big way for Spring Slim Down, and over here at the LSF HQ, we are so into it. I especially love seeing you getting your besties on board to slim downwith you! No better way to stay strong all month long.

I know you've seen these babes in the new SSD Video and you'll be seeing them a whole lot more throughout the challenge.

Two more girls means two MORE smiles cheering you on, and two different body types to help keep you motivated to reach YOUR goals.

We are all unique, with different workout styles, problem areas and goals! Love Sweat Fitness is all about fitness forEVERYONE— I never want you to think you *have* to do everything the exact way I do it! You've got to do you babe!

So…a little more about my ride-or-dies

Meet Ali!

Dancing Queen?Super Cheeky ?Takes her tequila on the rocks with muddled ANYTHING?

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