How To Have A Healthy Dorm Life

Healthy Dorm life. Hey guys – I am so excited to share this piece from Emily, our incredible LSF intern and the babe behind the @TeamLSF page!

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If you've read my Avoiding the Freshman 15post you know how to navigate college and stay on track. I wanted Emily to share how to have healthy dorm life so you have even more tips and tricks. She goes beyond the basics of how to eat and exercise and shares how to find a healthy balance overall!

Moving into your dorms, meeting so many new and interesting people and feeling anxious about all the exciting and fun things to come – yup, we're back to school!! I am currently a sophomore in college so I know the Freshman Fifteena little TOO well. I gained about ten pounds throughout my first year in school.

Honestly, health was not my priority my freshman year of college and, wow, I regret that!

Learning how to stay on track with a busy social life and not having kitchen to cook some tasty meals can be SO challenging (trust me, I know!) but there are some amazing tips you can follow to avoid that dreadful Freshman Fifteen! So grab a notebook and pen and let's get learning!

Must Haves

Get a microwave & blender!

Even in a dorm room, it's possible to make quick healthy snacks you can easily take on the go as long as you have the right tools and a plan. You can find small, personal blendersand microwavesfor pretty cheap and the investment is totally worth it!

Cooking up simple, healthy recipes that can be done in the microwave, like steamed veggies and brown rice, will help you avoid the processed and packaged foods in the dining halls and campus grocery stores.Even if they make it in front of you like they do at my school it doesn't mean it's fresh!

Katie has so many quick and delicious recipes that you could totally do in your dorm with either the blender or microwave! A few of my favorites are the Vegan Brownie Balls, All the Hot Body Meal PlanSmoothies and basically everything on this 10 healthy snackslist.

Healthy Dorm Life, How to Have a Healthy Dorm Life, avoiding the freshman 15, how to lose weight, how to not gain weight in college, college weight gain

Stock Up on the Good Stuff

I highly recommend always having something in the fridge ready to go so when you do get that munching feeling so you don't resort to the unhealthy goodies all over campus. Try not to keep anything in your dorm that's not good for you because self-control can be challenging! My first semester my roomie and I always had buttery popcorn which tempted me constantly!

Always keep fresh fruits and veggiesstocked so you don't eat chips and ice cream as snacks like I did!

It isn't bad to cheat every once in a while! I got these adorable portion sized containersand whenever I bought something unhealthy I divided it up so I wouldn't eat it all at once. It curves your cravings and keeps you on track!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking 2-3 of the LSF water bottlesa day will give you great energy and clear up your skin. Water is one of the best fuels for our body, don't forget that!

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Drink a full glass of water before grabbing a snack. It will also help you determine if you are actually hungry, or just wanting to eat beacause you're bored and want to avoid studying?

Limit Eating Out

Eating has turned into quite the social event and a restaurant can be the perfect place to get to know new people. I was always going out with my friends which is not only expensive but way too much food! When eating out, take your friends to healthy, trendy places. They typically have smaller portions and are organic (plus, they're more fun!) If you do end up going somewhere else snack on something small right beforehand so you don't eat the huge portions served!

Schedule It In

It doesn't matter if you work out for twenty minutes or for an hour, just make sure you do it! Plan your day ahead of time and schedule when you are going to get your sweat on.

It can also be a great way to make new friends! Finding workout buddy to sweat with you adds to the motivation and the fun (it def made me go to the gym more often at the beginning when I made it social!)

Joining the #lsfcommunityon Instagramis another fantastic way to receive some awesome fitspo (download the LSF Sweat Starterto find out how to join us on Insta!)

How to Have a Healthy Dorm Life

Most colleges include their gym memberships and gym classes such as cycling or yoga in your tuition so, since you're paying for it, use it!

The LoveSweatFitness Hot Body Sweat Guideis totally a game-changer! It lays out the workouts and what days to do it for you! Following this guide will ensure someamazing results in 8 weeks!If you're too shy to workout in front of others, keep a yoga mat and weights in your dorm! True, the dorms are usually tiny, but the Hot Body Sweat Guide workouts don't require a ton of moving around or equipment! This could be the perfect starting point for creating a fit and convenient lifestyle.

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You can also watch the Love Sweat Fitness YouTubechannel and follow the LSF weekly workout schedulewhich contain some serious sweat sessions!

Even When You're Tired & Feeling Lazy….

When you've had a long day it's hard to want to workout, but that's probably one of the most important times to do it.

Katie just released this AMAZING video with a workout you can do in your dorm after class plus there is a chocolate pudding recipe you can 100% make in your dorm room!

Drink Smarter

Lots of people think college is the time to get drunk with your friends and go to frat parties, but you Do NOT have to drink to have fun!

If you are of age and plan on drinking alcohol, be careful. LSF is all about balance, but here is no denying the booze adds up fast!

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Definitely stay away from the sugary drinks and chasers! Remember, the clearer the drink, the better for you! Try some of Katie's delicious #LSFapproved low-calorie cocktailrecipes!

Dress the Part

Don't leave the dorm in sweats!One thing I ALWAYS did my first semester was never get ready in the morning before I started my day. This seems like a small thing, but when you look good, you feel good, too. Living a healthy lifestyle starts with how you feel about yourself, so be proud to look in the mirror before you walk out the door!

Get Involved

Getting active within the campus communitywill not only introduce you to a bunch of new friends but also introduce you to a whole new college world! Joining a sorority was one of the best things I did in college. I've met so many amazing girls who have given me support and incredible connections for future jobs. Greek life may not be your thing, but there is SO much more out there just for you!

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Don't forget to rest! When I was living in the dorms I added nap time into my schedule. Even if I got a full 8 hours of sleep the night before (which was a rare occasion!) I'd still ensure that I got some rest the next day. Having enough sleep will give you more energy to balance the busy life you're about to lead!

Set Goals

Whether you are just starting out or a year or two into college, maintaining a healthy and fun lifestyle is theBEST thing you can do for yourself. My new goal going into this school year is to keep the healthy habits I've recently created and not to lose track of what I really want for myself. Having goals, whether personal, academic or professional, gives much needed motivation.

 avoiding the freshman 15, how to lose weight, how to not gain weight in college, college weight gain

Following any or all of these tips will help you tremendously to stay active and healthy while having the best time of your life in college. The most important thing toremember is BE YOURSELF!I def lost sight of who I was during my first couple months of school but once I realized who my friends are and how I wanted to live, college turned into the best time I could ever imagine.

I'm so excited for all you beauties! Make some amazing memories and remember, strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't!

Xoxo,Team LSF

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