How To Create The Perfect Staycation At Home

Staycation at home

How to Create the Perfect Staycation at Home

Attention, ladies, summer is NOT canceled! Yes, this has been the weirdest year EVER. Yes, you probably had to put your summer travel plans on hold. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a getaway this summer. We're talking tips on how to create the perfect staycation at home.

Sure, an at-home vacation might not sound like the most fun thing ever when you've already spent the last few months at home. But we've got some steps you can take to really spice it up, making the most of the "getaway." Summer's here, so let's set sail — straight to our living rooms.

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Step 1: Pick your staycation destination

What are your fave places you stay on vacation? If you had a vacation to Greece planned this summer, maybe you want to turn your home or apartment into Mykonos. If you were going to go backpacking through the Sierras, maybe you're going to go for a woodsy vibe.

Ultimately, before you start thinking about things to do on your staycation, first pick your place. It's a great way to get the ideas flowing!

Step 2: Set the scene at home

Prep your staycation space

Now comes the fun part. Let's get you all set up! Clean your room and make your bed so it looks like a fancy one in a swanky hotel. Pull throw pillows off your couch if you need to. Heck, you can even fold some fluffy towels and lay them out so you're ready for your relaxing staycation.

Do anything else you can to decorate in a way that screams vacation to you. Lay out pool towels on your living room floor. Put some fresh flowers in vases in the window. Let those vacay vibes guide you!

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Set up your "pool"

Next, set up your poolside cabana. Girl, if you're lucky enough to have an actual pool, we are JEALOUS. If not, don't worry. Grab your kiddie pool or set yourself up by the tub. A fruity, fun drink and some floating flower petals can help give it those vacation vibes.

Get ready to pump up the vacation jams

What songs would make you feel like you're really getting away? If you're itching to get to Hawaii, put together a playlist with aloha vibes. Whatever feels right for you, put together a track list you can really lean into to make your stay-at-home vacation feel like the real deal.We also put together a few for you here!

Get your food dialed in

Vacation is a time to have fun with what you eat! Get what you need to throw together an easy breakfast in bed ( chia pudding with tropical fruit is a great call) so you can enjoy "room service" and grab stuff to whip together some unique meals. You want to replicate dinners out, so try something totally new! We've got a ton of great recipes in our meal plans to help you out.

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Step 3: Plan your staycation agenda

Now, let's talk fun things to do on a staycation at home. Right now, we feel like we could use some relaxation, so of course we're going to work in some spa activities like a long soak in the tub, face mask, and a DIY mani/pedi.

perfect staycation at home, at home vacation, summer vacation

But this is also a chance to try something new. Is there a skill you've always wanted to learn? Take a virtual tour of a place you've always wanted to visit like Katie's GREECE Vlogs or plan to join a LIVE workout with Katie outside! Because you can do so much online right now, your options for things to do on a staycation are pretty much limitless!

perfect staycation at home, at home vacation, summer vacation

Step 4: Enjoy yourself!

Your staycation is all about YOU! Once it starts, don't do anything you don't want to do. Let the dishes pile up in the sink. Wear your comfiest or cutest clothes. Adopt a vacation mentality and you'll find your staycation can be the fun, rejuvenating experience you need!

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