Get Flat Abs

From crunches to munches: the secret to amazing flat abs.

You want the secret to amazing flat abs? Okay, I know you do. And it's actually way easier than you might think. But it's also possibly totally different than you'd expect. See, a lot of people think getting abs is about doing a million crunches or really specific types of planks. But I've got news for you: abs are made in the kitchen, babe! Well, at least that's where they get poppin'!

No, seriously. You can't out-train a bad died! Period. And who knows? If you've been sticking with your LSF workouts, you might have a seriously killer eight-pack hiding in there. But that's the thing. It's gonna be hidden until you get your tummy flat enough to show off all your hard work.

Your abs are what you eat.

For real, you guys. Abs might be built in the gym, or better yet the LSF App,but they're revealed in the kitchen. It doesn't really matter how many bicycle crunches you do. You're never going to be able to admire your hard work if you don't clean up your diet. The tummy is one of our bodies' favorite places to store fat. And even a thin little layer across your stomach can make it impossible to see those super strong ab muscles hiding under there.

Now, hold up! Don't start starving yourself to get your six-pack ready for summer. Eating that way (or not eating, really) is completely unhealthy and can leave you actually holding onto excess fat. FACT! And more often than not, you'll yo-yo diet back to binging because you'll be so hungry! I've got a way healthier, way more sustainable way to get your abs out. Can you guess? Heck yes, it's our LSF Nutrition Plansand all the great recipeswe have on our website! When I stick to the HBMPI see my abs pop out like nobodies business and I'm eating a lot!

I'm all about food. If I had to choose between abs and delicious meals and snacks… well, it would be a toughie. But the good news is we don't have to! You can seriously eat suuuch good food and still get a totally toned tummy. I'm living proof!

Have something to show for it.

Okay, now, let's be clear. You'll never have amazing abs if you don't eat right. But you need to have something to show off when you do get that flat tummy. And babe, do I have great news for you! This Flat Tummy Toner pilates video from Lindsey Harrodis IT!! It's super fun and you'll feel it working your core right away. I swear, this is gonna be my go-to to keep my abs looking awesome this summer.

Pair this killer vid with the delicious and totally healthy food from our Hot Body Meal Plansor our Guiltless Nutrition Lifestyle & Recipe Bookand you'll get the abs of your dreams, just in time for swimsuit season!

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