Full Body Burn Workout Routine


full body workout

Well, kids, looks like we made it! 2021 is just around the corner and it's time to celebrate! We know for some of you, that means tossing back a few beverages. And. That's. OK. But come Jan-One, don't forget how hard we worked all year to get our bods in shape. We need to keep it all going, girl! That's why I created a full-body workout for you to try right now! (Kudos to all of you who signed up for my 30-Day Challenge starting Jan. 2 to keep the momentum going strong!)

Indulged In One Too Many Holiday Sweets?

Some of us didn't miss a day of being fitness-forward during the holidays. Way to stay focused on your health goals! But let's face it, others of us truly had the best intentions of staying super strong during the holiday season, but we got a little Fah-Lah-Lackadaisical. (If you need a little extra help saying so long to sweets, try our 7-Day Sugar Detox guide.)

So if you're planning to continue to indulge a bit, you need to do this killer full-body sweat sesh before the NYE fun begins! We know you can do it! (Also, you might want to check out some of our toast-worthy healthy drink recipes, like this Healthy Mimosa or our Merry and Bright Holiday cocktail LINK TBD) We are gonna push hard together and build that stamina back up again, girl. This full-body workout adds an extra challenge to your routine so you can burn more fat and tone up. And it's dumbbell free! So get ready to twist, tuck and slide your way right on into 2021.

Grab a yoga mat, or two!

Now, if you were lucky enough to get some LSF gear and apparel for the holidays, girl, grab your garb and that cool apparatus, and Let's Go! It's time to bring on you're A-Game--and look super cool while you go Next Level. If not, OMG seriously you have got to check out our shop. We have it all here, girl. From the hottest apparel to the best fitness equipment. Personally, I'm in love with our new yoga mat that features ultra cushioning for extra support on my booty! Grab one for you and your bff to have the ULIMATE goals af workout together! Yasss.

So have an amazing NYE and try and squeeze this full-body workout in before you start to celebrate. We'll see all of you babes in 2021! Happy New Year!

5 Moves For A Full Body Burn

Arm Slides using the LSF Sculpting Slider Discs

full body workout

Banded Jacks using the LSF Resistance Tube Bands

full body workout

Knee Tucks using the LSF Sculpting Slider Discs

full body workout

Russian Twists using the LSF Resistance Tube Bands

full body workout

Squat Press using the LSF Resistance Tube Bands

Plus check out what I eat in a day and my healthy nutrition to kick off the new year!


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