A Weight Loss Transformation That'll Make You Say "What?!"

weight loss transformation

Hey girlfriend! As you continue to slay your way through Summer Shape Up, we want to give you another example of an amazing LSF babe who has gone through a life-changing weight loss transformation!

Say hey to Adriana!

To supply you with this extra dose of motivation, we can think of no one better than one of our favorite #LSFbabes Adriana, @adri_lsf on IG!
Adriana is a total boss-babe with a career in Forensic Toxicology and a fierce desire to be her best self.
Her unexpected journey to fitness started with last year's SSU and she's continuing to take her wellness journey by storm with this year's SSU. Adri also is celebrating her one year anniversary with #TeamLSF (queue the streamers, balloons, and allllll of the LSF Snacks, Sips, & Sweets)!

"Honestly, fitness has completely changed my life. I actually wasn't even looking for it at all! I found Love Sweat Fitness on Youtube while I was looking for recipes. I had already begun my journey to a healthier lifestyle, but fitness was not my focus. Once I found Katie's Youtube [videos] and saw her talking about Summer Shape Up last year, I decided to make my LSF Instagram and give it a shot!"

How she stays consistent

Not only did Adriana's decision to dive in lead to a weight loss transformation, but it also began to shape the way she approaches wellness as a whole. "I go through phases of being on top of my nutrition and my workouts and then not-so-much. One way I combat this is by being organized! I have the LSF 2020 #Goals Planner and it has helped me a ton!" Ahem… sound like something you need? It's a game-changer, so make sure to stay on the lookout for our 2021 planner! Meanwhile, shop our other SUPER organizational faves here!

"Planning my week out in my planner has become one of my favorite things to do. It keeps me motivated throughout the week!"

While the her weight loss transformation might have been what got Adriana hooked on LSF, Team LSF has been her motivating factor. "Everyone in the LSF community means the world to me! I never thought I could be so close to a group of people that I'm not geographically close to. The community sense around team LSF inspires me to become a better version of myself. I also love seeing the growth of other LSF babes around me! it truly is an infectious community, obviously in a good way!! LOL"

Community is key

This community that Adriana has found is built on the idea that health and fitness begins with the decision to love your future-self enough to make necessary changes. My own weight loss transformation didn't happen until I learned how worthy I am of loving myself. The ultimate goal of the LSF community is to bring that realization to as many people as possible. People like Adriana that have come to that realization through this group of incredible babes!

"Love Sweat Fitness itself is not just something I follow, it's my lifestyle and has impacted my life in more ways than imaginable." And, girl, it can have the same impact for you too!

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