5 Things I'm Doing To Reset My Life For 2021


2021 resolutions ideas

OKAY! We're a whole six days into the new year. How are you guys feeling?

I know lots of you probably already have your 2021 resolutions ideas in place and you're making progress on that. But even if you're a little late, don't worry. There's still so much time to show up for yourself, babe! And I get feeling a little off.

The last few weeks — scratch that, the last year — has been kinda insane….

For literally not being able to go anywhere, our schedule has been NUTS!! I got a lot done, but also I feel like I've been kinda just barely going from one day to the next, buried in work, eating way off my norm, not cleaning up — like basic cleaning, but not like "actual" cleaning.

2021 resolutions ideas

I am READY for a change. Thank goodness for the LSF 30 Challenge we're doing rn, this is such a good way to get myself back on track. On top of that, I've been mulling over some 2021 resolutions ideas and changes that I know are gonna make this year awesome for me.

Ready? Here are 5 main MACRO goals I'm planning to really help reset and get back to my best life in 2021!

Operation Abs Comeback

If you watched my vid about resetting for the new year, you know that I've been hitting the cheese and wine pretty hard. And we've been ordering out a ton, too, which is SO not like me. All in all, it's left me feeling low energy and pretty much no motivation.

So when I was thinking about my 2021 resolutions ideas, I knew nutrition had to be on the list. And the 2-day Detox and the Hot Body Meal Plan (I'm doing the hypo one rn) are super key here!! I'm getting back to gluten-free, dairy-free living and, girl, I'm already feeling soooo much better!

Additionally, I've also learned that snacks are so important for me. I'm really not about restricting your diet. Instead, I think it's way better and easier to just eat so much good stuff you don't really have room for junk. For me, that means eating like five meals/snacks a day. So I'm stocking my pantry to get back on my snack game! So awesome go-tos for me this year have been:

I'm sticking with it bc I'm ready to see those abs POP!

2021 resolutions ideas

Deep house purge by the end of the month!

I am NOT waiting for spring cleaning! I feel like I spent 2020 like almost on pause. I did basic cleaning, for sure, but not anything major. Which is nuts because we're all spending so much time at home, but I know a lot of girls feel the same way I do!

I have my whole plan mapped out and I'm gonna get my house deep, deep cleaned by the end of the month, then leave two weeks to tackle the daunting Ryan stuff. Here's my game plan:

  • Week 1: Kitchen Cabinets
  • Week 2: My Office
  • Week 3: Hall Cabinets
  • Week 4: My Closet
  • Week 5: Ryan's Closet (he never gets rid of stuff!)
  • Week 6: Garage (terrifying!)

Having this plan and committing myself to doing it right at the start of the year will help me make my 2021 resolutions ideas happen!

Workout before 2 p.m.

My training has been pretty good through 2020, but I've definitely been skimping on the Daily 10 in the LSF app, which I usually love as a bonus workout! So I'm committing to filming myself doing the Daily 10 every single day in January and sharing it with you on Insta to hold myself accountable.

2021 resolutions ideas

Also, to keep myself on track with my fitness 2021 resolutions ideas, I'm committing to working out every day in the morning or at lunch. I know that if I don't get it done by 2 p.m., there's a chance the day will just slip away. So I'm full-on scheduling an hour for myself to work out every day in my LSF #GOALS Planner.

An hour seems like overkill, but a good chunk of that is so I can foam roll afterward. 2021 is going to be all about recovery for me!

Writing weekly affirmations

Look, 2020 was rough. So when I was looking for 2021 resolutions ideas, I wanted to keep things positive.

Each week, I'm going to write myself an awesome affirmation. I'll put it in my planner, on a post-it, wherever I can find! My goal is to give myself some extra love this year.

"GYSD" days!!

Um, hi. Hello. I can't be the only one who plans to do all this stuff, like house cleaning or work projects, and then somehow never has the time!

At last, I'm getting serious about my scheduling. Seriously, this might be my big theme of the year. I'm scheduling my deep clean, my workouts, my snacks, how regularly I write affirmations for myself — you get the idea. Making and keeping a schedule helps me get back to my better routines, and after a short time of doing it, I'm seriously feeling like a new person already.

I'm also adding Get Your Sh*t Done days to my schedule. With these big full-day blocks, I can help myself stay on top of those lists that pile up. With a whole day where I can just deal with those to-dos that have been on the back of my mind, I know I can make it happen.

Overall, these are my macro goals, but I know there will be so many more smaller goals that pop up throughout the year! What are your 2021 resolutions ideas, babe? Let's tackle them together!


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