Slim Down playlist. Shout out to all my spring peeps!

Who is ready to rock the Spring Slim Down?!  We had SUCH a blast filming the series in Palm Springs for you and can’t wait to start this challenge! The countdown to summer starts now andI know better than anyone that music can make or break a workout. I’ve got some brand new Slim Down Sweat Jams to get you moving this spring!

I’m getting ready to head back out to the desert for some Coachella playtime.  So, in the spirit of fanny packs, flower crowns and baby rainbow hair (ya, that’s a thing…) these Slim Down Sweat Jams are some of my festival faves to get you in the spring of mind.

I sprinkled a lil bit of everything from the lineup and maaaybe snuck a few songs in that aren’t just because ya know the Drake remix of “Lemon” is that good ?

Get ready to pump the sweat jams during your Spring Slim Down workouts! I’m totally cool with you hitting that mute button in the name of music!

Spring is here, and it’s time to feel sprung! 

sweat jams
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4 years ago

Yeah, can’t wait for the weekly schedule to see what’s up.??

4 years ago

I’m so excited to listen, Katie!!!

Team LSF
4 years ago
Reply to  Suzie