Introducing the LSFxVooray Sweat It Out Gym Bag!

Love Sweat Fitness Gym Bag
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Introducing the LSFxVooray Sweat It Out Gym Bag!

You guys! I did it! I found the PERFECT GYM BAG! 

I’ve pretty much been looking for the bag since forever. About a year ago, I finally found it. The one. The one I’ve been searching for. It has my heart (sorry, Ryan).

Don’t worry, ladies. I would never keep something so amazing a secret from you! So, not only did I find the bag, but we actually teamed up and made an exclusive Love Sweat Fitness Gym Bag! Introducing the Limited Edition LSF Sweat It Out Gym Bag! AH! Look how pretty she is! 😍😍😍

Love Sweat Fitness Gym Bag

See, I wasn’t lying. She’s gorg! This is something I am so, so proud of. It took a long time and a ton of designs to get to this final product. In fact, I reached out to the LSF community to get your opinion, and this was far and away the fave. So thank you girls for the feedback!

Pretty Pink Graphic
My Favorite Features

First of all, the material is not only lightweight but also it’s a really durable, pretty nylon that it showcases the LSF design just perfectly. To complement the gold in our pineapple heart, it was super important to me to include the gold zipper on the front. I think it just makes it pop, don’t you?!

Love Sweat Fitness Gym Bag

So I think we can all agree, this bag has got it going on. Am I right?! But you all know that we take our workouts seriously, so we need a gym bag that can handle our sweat seshs. I promise that this bag is functional, too. It’ll stand up to all your toughest workouts. (Trust me, I’ve put it to the test!)

Perfect Pockets

As you girls know, gym shoes get stinky. It’s just how it goes. Don’t worry, this bag has you covered. There is a pocket that extends the length of the bag so you can zip up those stanky shoes separately from the rest of your gear.

Perfect Gym Bag

Speaking of pockets, we also thought of protecting your phone, so there’s a perfect soft pocket on the front that will keep your phone safe and snug while you get your sweat on! (Bonus: it’s the glammed up pocket with the gold zipper!)

Perfect Gym bag for WomenOn top of that, it has all those other great details of a perfect gym bag, like a mesh pocket for your water bottle, air ventilation, and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. Seriously, it’s just perfect.

Get Yours Today!

So, what are you waiting for!? Head on over to the shop and grab your very own LSFxVooray Gym Bag! This bag is Limited Edition and will go quick! Once it arrives, snap a pic and tag your girls @lovesweatfitness and @teamlsf in it to show us all how cute it is, and be sure to tell us how much you love it!

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hello! love the look of this bag, does it have elastics you can hold your yoga mat in place with, like the bigger vooray bags??


yes does it?

Katie Dunlop

Hi! This bag is the same style as the Vooray burner sport, so there is no yoga mat holder on these. It’s an amazing little bag that can really do everything else 🙂


ok. Cool as anyway!!


ok. Cool as anyways!!


Will this bag be restocked?