How to Take Before & After Pics!

Before & After pictures are EVERYTHING!

It might seem super scary to wear tight clothes and take a full body pic of yourself before you start, but trust me. For one thing, seeing where you started will remind you WHY you started. It will keep you going when you want to quit! And think about that moment when you get to see all your progress right there in front of you. There is nothing better than seeing the results of your hard work!

So yeah…you’re gonna want to document that #transformation. The best way to do this is to take a “before” picture now, so you can get that hottie “after” pic at the end of this thing. These can be tricky…so here are my rules-of-thumb to snapping the transformation pics.

  1. Lighting is everything. Try and find natural light and angle your body toward it.
  2. Stand in front of a simple background so you can really see your beautiful self! Selfies can totally work, but you can also recruit your bestie to help (or maybe try a DIY an iPhone tripod if you’re crafty like that…).
  3. Snap one from the front, one from the side, and one from the back. Work those angles, girl!
  4. Keep track of the details. When you take your “after” pic in a month, you’ll want to be in the same lighting, with the same background, in the same outfit. That’s the best way to really SEE the changes before your eyes 👀.

See the diff between the two “before” pics below? (They’re both me!) Lighting, clothes, and getting that smiling face in there make a big difference.


Now go take YOUR before pics and image how amazing it will feel to see your hard work pay off.

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