Your Weight Loss Starter Kit

You've probably heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit. lose weight

To me, there are 5 things that I always say lead to weight loss success, and I'm speaking from experience because all of these were a part of my story too! I want you to have everything you need to achieve your biggest, scariest dreams. So I put together a little video with your weight loss "starter kit." Watch the full vid below!!

If you want to succeed with your weight loss journey, there are a few things you need. It's all about emotional health, babe, so start there.

The 5 things you NEED to lose weight

Purpose (Your why)

This is what you will come back to on your good, bad and hard days. This is what you will say to yourself when you are battling for that final rep.

I was so rundown and irritable when I started my fitness journey and I just really wanted better for myself. I wanted to truly and honestly feel good- first, mentally, but also physically.

Plan (Your roadmap)

You guys know my story, I had done all those insane programs that don't last. Heck, I watched my friends do it too and it's an emotional rollercoaster that leads nowhere. Start small and build good habits. Want something totally approachable to get you started? The L SF Daily 10in the app is the perfect thing to help you kick start!

The workouts in the premium plan take about 30 minutes a day and use minimal equipment so you can do them ANYWHERE. There are full length videos for cardio days and videos to choose from that target specific body parts. Plus you can unlock trophies and rewards just by getting your sweat on!

Products (Your home gym & equipment)

It has always been important to me that a workout shouldn't mean you need an expensive gym membership or tons of fancy equipment. You just need a few pieces of good gear to create your own LSF Fit Kit.

My go-tos are…

  • My Day Drinking Water Bottle
  • My Resistance Booty Bands
  • My fave exercise mat
  • Hand weights for when I want some extra intensity (totally optional, but can be nice to have!)
  • LSF – The App. Literally all you need in one place! Choose from a variety of videos and full length circuit workouts to create the most effective workout based on YOUR fitness level.

Plus a cute outfit can be a good motivator! A sports bra that fits without pinching, socks that don't slide into your shoes and pants that make you feel good are worth the money.

People (Your community)

When I needed someone to encourage me when I started, someone to take my BEFORE picture, someone to go on walks with me I turned to my mom. It was so great having her as my "accountability partner" because so many of my friends didn't understand why I was trying to change things.

I know that not everyone wants to make a fitness instagram, but how many times have you been motivated by what other girls are doing? Your gram can be a mix of a journal and accountability partner. The LSF community is so amazing, you will have thousands of girls supporting you and cheering you on no matter where you do your workout. As well as in the app, you can track your progress in photos and stay motivated with your daily #LSFRollCall check in.

Patience (Your heart)

Girl, you were made for this! You are not going to be perfect 24/7, so love yourself and be resilient. Life happens, but how you come back from overeating or a night out is a huge part of your journey.

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