Your #TeamLSF SSU 2020 Prize Winners!

womens fitness community


It's safe to say that Summer Shape Up 2020 was super special for so many reasons. The Team LSF community connected more than ever before. We are so much more than a womens fitness community, the support you babes showed each other was UNREAL and the friendships formed will last beyond this challenge! We are so excited to share the winners, but let's be real, you babes are all winners. Reading through each submission filled our hearts with happiness and we may have shed a tear...or five!

Grand Prize Winner: Natasha Smith!

First, we are so excited to announce that the Grand Prize Winner of Summer Shape Up 2020 is Natasha Smith!! She has been crushing her LSF workouts since September 2019 and her progress is absolutely INCREDIBLE! She has been a total light in our LSF womens fitness community! She lost 12.5lbs during SSU and we are so freaking proud of her! Follow her on insta @inspiredtash_lsf! Her instagram handle name is SPOT ON. Be prepared to be instantly inspired by her amazing stories.

womens fitness community womens fitness community

2nd Place: Emily Dearing

Our next LSF babe is Emily Dearing who is our 2nd Place Winner! She has been with Team LSF since the beginning and continues to crush her workouts day in and day out. Emily is a full time mother, wife and essential worker! Talk about a busy babe making it happen! She lost 8.1 pounds during the challenge, but even more importantly, she has learned to love her body inside and out! Follow her on IG @emilie1422

womens fitness community

3rd Place: Emily Mendia

This amazing woman is brand new to the Team LSF community and totally crushed her first challenge! Her goal was to take things one step at a time and we can confirm the changes she made each day added up to amazing results! She lost 11 pounds! We are so proud of her & thrilled she found LSF this year! Follow her on IG @emfitness_lsf

womens fitness community


Additionally, this year we are beyond excited to recognize even more of the incredible women in this community! they are!

These babes will be winning our favorite skin care and beauty products, plus exclusive LSF goodies!

  • Sweaty Selfie Queen: This babe posts tons of sweaty selfies & totally owns her sweaty self after crushing her workouts in the LSF App! @courtgetsfit.7
  • Hydration MVP: For the girl who sends the water chug challenge left & right, keeping us all glowing and feeling our best! @jengetsfit40_lsf
  • Master Chef: This girl knows how to cook guiltless and knows how to capture that photo that makes us all want to come over for a dinner party! She loves using her LSF Meal Plans! @fit_mamma_bear
  • LSF Bad*ss Mom: This woman is the ultimate multitasker. Crushing workouts, being the best mom ever and showing how important it is to take care of yourself, too! @lsf_seattlelite
  • OMG Transformation: This girl worked her booty off and it SHOWS. She followed the meal plans, workouts and showed up for herself each & everyday. @kristi_lsf
  • Energizer Bunny: This babe is the ultimate Team LSF Cheerleader! Her energy is absolutely electric and her number 1 priority is spreading positivity, sharing everyone's progress, commenting and being there if you need a friend. @disneyfit_lsf
  • Fierce & Fabulous Front Line Worker: This woman is still getting her sweat on while being a selfless essential care worker! @sarahbeth_lsf
  • Cutest Furry Workout Friend: This babe has the cutest furry friend that is always popping into her sweat seshes and it totally makes our day! @april_teamlsf
  • Studious and Working it: For the girl that is crushing college classes & checking off workouts everyday! @tiff.lsf
  • Extra AF: This gal is always making her workouts as extra as possible! She does every bonus move, app workout, video, Lives, and Daily 10. @emilykenneyfit
  • Hypo Hype Girl: This girl brought all the hypo girls together and we absolutely LOVE IT!! @annieteamlsf
  • LSF Newbie: This babe is new to Team LSF and totally rocked this challenge. She engaged with the community, worked her butt off and we can't wait to see her continue to do more challenges! @lisamariefit_lsf
  • Challenge Accepted: This is for the girl who jumps in on every challenge and continues to push herself to become her best self! @cinderella_lsf
  • Biggest Change Within: This woman felt a change within her that will radiate her beyond this challenge! She grew her self love, self confidence and self worth! @_lsfnat_

Overall, we are so incredibly proud of everyone who completed Summer Shape Up 2020. Psst! Stay tuned...we have something special coming for each and every one of you that submitted!

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