You Finished SSU! Here's How To Enter The Giveaway

fitness motivation

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? You stuck with your fitness motivation, crushed those workouts, and absolutely slayed this Summer Shape Up challenge! I am SO PROUD of all of us for making it happen. And I've gotta say, I feel amazing! Do you?

I looooove these challenges because they make it easier for me to stick with my fitness motivation. By myself, it's easy to be like, "Oh, I'm tired," or "I'll do it tomorrow." But knowing that we're all in it together — that you ladies are on your grind, making it happen — puts some serious pep in my step.

And WE. DID. IT. This Summer Shape Up felt extra special to me. The world is on its head right now and life feels so funky. But sticking with this program and doing it with all of you has helped me feel centered. I'm coming out of this challenge feeling awesome not just physically, but also feeling so supported by and excited about our LSF community!

fitness motivation
fitness motivation
fitness motivation

Now, it's time to reap the benefits of all that impressive fitness motivation. And that means it's time for (drum roll, please) our major giveaway!

Trust me, we've got the goods. And we want to give them to you! To get entered into our giveaway so you can potentially win some of the major stuff we're giving away, fill out the survey at the end of this blog.

The Summer Shape Up giveaway goods

Okay, let's talk deets. We teamed up with GT's Kombucha for this giveaway and giiiiirls, it is SWEET.

We're talking some big, exciting prizes for showing up for yourself and our LSF community. And all you need to do to potentially win them is fill out the survey at the end of this blog!

Our 2020 Summer Shape Up grand prize

We're going to be giving this prize to the woman who was on her A-game in her workouts and in supporting our LSF community. We're talking someone who was doing daily check-ins and cheering on other LSF babes throughout this challenge. This queen's fitness motivation and inspiration will score her:

  • $1,000 cash (heck yeah!)
  • A free year of the LSF app and an iPhone 11 to make the most of it
  • A one-year supply of GT's Kombucha (your gut is going to be so happy!)
  • $250 to Summer Water + Exclusive View Master
  • Swimwear from Dippin' Daisies with a $500 value
  • $500 in FACIALWORKS skincare
  • $500 to Victoria's Secret

Like, dang! That's a pretty sweet haul, right?

And that's not even all! Our other giveaway prizes are pretty epic, too.

Other giveaway prizes that could be yours

You didn't really think we'd just pick one babe and leave everyone else hanging, did you? We're giving out some other sweet packages, for sure. Check 'em out:

  • Our 2nd place Summer Shape Up icon will get a Theragun (these things are amaaazing for post-workout massages but they cost a whopping $600!), $250 to Dippin' Daisies so you can grab swimwear to show off all of your hard work, $250 in FACIALWORKS skincare, $60 to Summer Water, $250 to Victoria's Secret, and a 6-month subscription to our app.
  • 3rd place is still pretty impressive, too! That babe will score a FitBit, $250 to Dippin' Daisies, $250 to FACIALWORKS, $60 to Summer Water, $250 to Victoria's Secret, and a 3-month LSF app subscription.

We're also giving out some goods to:

  • The Sweaty Selfie Queen
  • The Hydration MVP
  • The Master Chef
  • The LSF Bad*ss Mom
  • The OMG Transformation
  • The Energizer Bunny
  • The Fierce and Fabulous Front Line Worker
  • The Girl with the Cutest Furry Workout Friend
  • The Studious and Working It babe
  • Our Extra AF queen

Wanna know more about all these categories to see where you might win for all that fitness motivation you shared? Check out all the deets on our initial giveaway blog.

Additionally, if you took pics at the beginning of the Summer Shape Up and have been tuned in with LSF girls on Insta, you can be entered in this giveaway. Make sure you've shared your before-and-after pics. We want to see that #LSFTransformation!

And if you haven't already, follow us on Instagram at @LoveSweatFitness and @TeamLSF and tag your pics with #LSFRollCall and #LSFSummerShapeUp.

For real, joining us on Insta is so fun and inspiring! Like, seriously, how much fitness motivation do these ladies give you? WE ARE HYPED.

fitness motivation

Take our survey and be entered into the giveaway!

Assuming you stuck with the Summer Shape Up challenge and have your before-and-after pics ready, you have everything you need to get entered to win some of our sweet prizes! All you need to do is fill out our SSU Submission Form.

The submission form serves a few purposes. First, it enters you into the giveaway (obv an important thing). But it also gives us a way to gather all of those awesome #LSFTransformation photos, which we freaking love! We're so excited to share these pics with our LSF community so we can all celebrate how far we've come together in the last eight weeks.

Additionally, the submission form gives you a chance to share what you thought of this challenge. What did you like? What could we improve? Fill out the survey and let us know!

Overall, we love hearing from you and take all of your feedback to heart. We want to hear from you so we can make future challenges the absolute best they can be!

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out our Summer Shape Up submission form and get entered to win!

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